Sunday, October 24, 2010

Minutes for GH Meeting 10/24/2010

Callie 8:22—exciting events next week: Sat. Dead Poet’s Night—music, poetry readings, make a list of people who would be good to invite? Write names on the white board in the kitchen, Thomas to get people on the Mountain Goat. Send out a Sun. C-student email, Facebook event, put out the fliers.

Art Forum is showing Rocky Horror Picture show here. We need to tidy up the house, they will bring food and movie stuff and publicity.

Wed. Nov. 3 Rabbit discussion. Pam and Rowan need to make fliers. Rabbit Team (Kate, Katie, Sean, Rowan, Callie) meet in the morning for a discussion.

Carson 8:30—Rabbit books? Website? Some informational source for interested parties.

Sean 8:30—People need to get reimbursed for money spent. We have a $3000 budget left to spend, only spent $500.

Carson 8:32—Do not worry about the budget when there are things that need to be spent.

Armentrout dates? Two or three people to get people here, two to three people to organize the house and get it ready for the evening.

Working on the House: April, Deanna, Katie.

Need a projector. Sean to get one from the LAL.

Need to get coffee percolator and coffee. How much coffee? 10 pounds!!

Cake from the Blue Chair or Julia’s

ATS and ATC have sound equipment. Email them and ask them.

Getting people here: everyone needs to come up with five names of people who could come and email Carson. Carson, Thomas, Callie to create a schedule of people to play. Rob McCallister as the MC? Laura Candler? Elspeth Iralu?

Publicity: Pam, Rowan emails, classifieds, fliers, chalk

Callie 8:49—We should donate the eggs this week.

April—We should make a calendar and put it on the wall so that we can see what people are doing and what events are happening in the house. Someone check out the attic and see if a white board is up there.

Kate 8:51—Nov. 10th couch surfers need a place to stay and a place to play a show. We will host them and make them dinner

Carson 8:54—No Impact Man Thursday night at GPS in Chattanooga. Callie is going with Chelsea. Anyone who wants to go talk to Callie (but be careful cause she is really mean. She cra- cra-)

The fireplace works! But make sure that the vent is open and that the doors are closed.

Found Beta’s composite in the woods. Looks like a skunk peed on it.

We should start unplugging stuff like vending machines and televisions.

Callie 9:04—Could we host people for Multi Cultural weekend? Nov. 4-6

It’s not too late to join Team Compost. Meeting tomorrow on the balcony of McClurg at 7. 600 pounds of compost per day!! Planning on going to other places around Sewanee.

Carson 9:11—How do we preserve things from the garden? We should start dating food in the fridge.

Turn off the lights dudes.

SSC still needs ideas to be contributed.

Come to the garden. It’s where we can love each other. It’s where life begins. And hopefully won’t end. When you’re there.

Cherry tomatoes are ready to pick. Basil is out there. Make pesto pronoto and put it in the freezer. Harvest most of it but leave some leaves.

We should start canning. Callie knows how to can. We should have a canning workshop!! Don’t be passive aggressive. Be aggressive aggressive.

Sean 9:20—We should do more things together. We should have pasta night with the basil pesto.

April—Could people be more sensitive to early and late hours in the kitchen. Katie and April can hear everything that people say and get woken up by people talking.

It’s Kate’s birthday on Tuesday! We should have dinner! Pam’s b-day on Nov. 6!

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