Saturday, November 29, 2008

Greenhouser in the news...

One of our own housemates has made Sewanee headline news!

Read about Helen's chemistry research at the University of Oregon here.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I just wanted everyone to see this picture of Paul.
Note the (lack-of) height difference between him and the 3rd graders.

I also wanted to wish Paul a safe and fun journey!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Minutes for November 16, 2008

Minutes for November 16, 2008
· Christmas tree – native tree Becca and Jonathan?
· Paul’s email – dance or get together for senior citizen home in monteagle - post pone till Paul’s here
· Thanksgiving – Thursday at 6
· Saturday Thanksgiving dinner at 5:00 – look from last week’s minutes for to see what you greed to cook - don’t eat pecans
· Tomorrow November 17, 7:30 am in kitchen, Elspeth and Helen are making pancakes for love and joy
· Condoms in the living room if you need them
· Money for Christmas present for Regina
· Farmhouse Design Committee – Emily is going to do a independent study on subject of green living in Sewanee

Sunday, November 9, 2008

meeting minutes- nov 9

meeting minutes nov 9
Chore wheel- thanks Emily for making a new one! It looks great

Garden days- this week
monday 3-4:30
Tuesday 1-3
Friday sometime
Jonathan will send out e-mail

House garden update from Carson
Planted lettuce, turnips, etc.
Tom macfie wants to work
What do we do?
Water, Carson will make a chart and we’ll sign up for days.

Events this week
Thursday music jam
Bentley will send out e-mail

Nov 16 house tour
2:00 house tour at the land trust
Let Emily know if you want to come

Becca wants to plan an event with children from the community.

Mcclurg- Thursday the 20th
Elspeth will sign up for a table
Helen, Laura, and Elspeth will send out invites to professors

Thanksgiving at the house
Saturday Nov 22nd, bentley’s birthday

Elspeth will make invitations
What are we cooking and who is cooking?
Turkey- Elspeth (she and Laura will pick it up from the Keener’s)
Garden veggies- Helen
Pecan pie- Laura
Sweet potatoes- Emily
Pumpkin- Kate

Who is in charge of clean-up?
Carson, Helen, Emily

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I know we aren't supposed to be political but....

Here is an article about Obama from New Scientist about green energy:

November 5, 2008 10:15 AM

obama1.jpgColin Powell called the prospective Obama presidency "transformational". He wasn't talking about the climate and energy. But he could have been.

The wraps will soon be off. Before long we will know whether Barack Obama meant it - when he said that, whatever the financial traumas, a national surge to equip America with home-grown, green sources of energy was his number one economic priority.

Even as the votes were being cast, some said going green would have to wait. But the president-elect has been saying it has to be done now: for the planet, for American energy security - and for the good of an economy that badly needs government investment to kick start growth. Green jobs for a green economy.

Much of the blueprint is there. I reported last month from California, where they are busy legislating a carbon-cutting programme deliberately designed to be translatable into national terms. And where entrepreneurs, backed by billions of dollars of venture capital from Silicon Valley, are ready to invest in solar and wind power, and second-generation biofuels and much else in a huge scale.

All they want is a green light for the legal fast-tracking and modest tax guarantees that will make it all profitable.

And we are not talking about bits and pieces here. We are talking very big time indeed. As David Mills, head of solar thermal company Ausra, in Palo Alto, told me: "In the coming decades, clean energy is going to be ten times bigger than the internet and IT combined."

That's not hyperbole; he means it.
It would not be ridiculous to say that if the world is to save itself from the perils of future climate change, now is the moment to act. And the US is where it must happen.

Only the US can yet drive the change needed, because only the US has the markets, the capital, the technology and now, with Obama's transformational victory, maybe the political will too. Only the US, by force of example and through the size of its market, can persuade China and the other fast-emerging economies to embrace the new technologies.

If the US wants green technology on the scale being talked about, China will break its back to provide it. And it will transform its own energy system in the process.

Some say none of this will happen any time soon. That the world has economic problems more immediate than climate change. But the world is also in a state of great political flux. And it is at times of such flux that big new initiatives are possible.

Compare Obama's arrival in Washington with that of Franklin D Roosevelt at the start of the New Deal in 1934. The New Deal remade America and the world by driving governments to centre-stage in managing economies. Environmentally in the US, it brought soil conservation programmes to fight the dustbowl and hydro schemes to bring power to those still languishing without electricity.

That drive sparked similar initiatives round the world, right through to the 1970s. Reforming zeal - whether the green revolution or family planning programmes - did make the world better then.

We need something similar now, to fight climate change and the iniquities of unbridled global markets. Why not?
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