Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pictures of the cold frame and chicken tractor, update on McClurg happenings

Here is what is going on with McClurg:
Chessie and I successfully completed the first fossil-fuel free compost transport today, by wheeling the bin of compost and crate of coffee to the backyard garden (and carrying it over the mud). Yay Chessie!! The bi-weekly compost pick-up of a full 55 gallon bin has been great- we have never missed a day and it is wonderful to talk to the workers in the back! A couple of crates of coffee is being composted every week as well.

Jack Nance is dropping off the egg cartons from McClurg on our porch, which are being used for our eggs, some for the compost (we have a TON), and eventually for starting seeds.

I am going to talk to Scott Maino, the director, tomorrow about how the Keener beef is going and what is the next step in composting at McClurg. Email me if you have any thoughts.

Eric sent us some pics of the cold frame and chicken tractor, which I am attaching. Maybe they will magically end up in our scrapbook?


GreenHouse meeting minutes

Posted by Paul E. Dixon's personal secretary (Kate):

Meeting Minutes 2/21/10


Paul will send us copies of each application to review before next week’s meeting. Decisions will be made by the end of next week.

Omelet breakfast:

Email Keri and Compton your ideas for whom to invite. Women’s lacrosse team will come this Saturday.

Dinner this week: Breakfast for dinner!

Compton is working on a map of house garden.

Keri is working on the elementary school project-

Garden update:

Focus on backyard garden, Brakefield garden will rest with some manure.

Stella will email schedule each week so we know who will be there when.

Thermostat- lets take it down a notch or two. 62 degrees!

Provos of the Compost speaks-Need to move the compost in a wheelie thing. Or levitate?

Chores: Callie will arrange chores.

News Flash: There are two showers in the downstairs bathroom.


Music jam/Craft night combine to make a great Friday night.

Friday at noon-lunch with the tablecloth and teapot.

Please submit your order to the staff.

Rabbit proposal anyone? Kate's on it.

What we need:

Tables and folding chairs.

Carson found a secret room and freed the ghost. Except some sightings.

Available funding

Hello residents and ardent followers of the GreenHouse:

Leigh Lentile has passed on some valuable funding information- Fund for Innovative Teaching and Learning (FITL; pronounced Fightel) has a category within the fund dedicated for student initiated projects with learning outcomes. Robin Hille-Michaels, who is super sweet and has an office in the Outreach office- she is in charge of the Canale program, knows all about this fund and can hook you up.

SO if you have any cool projects that need funding- like the bike generator (I'm still working on it- don't ask or I will rant about it) - then talk to Robin. I'm also going to write this info in the GH diary, but thought you might need it now.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Application, 2010-2011

 !!!!! CLICK HERE TO APPLY !!!!!

It is due by 5 PM on Friday, February 19. You will likely want to draft your short answer responses in Word so you can save and edit your work.

One required question on the application is to tell us which of the GreenHouse positions (excluding Los Jefes) you would excel at and find fulfilling. If none of the below positions appeal to you, define your own. While certainly not binding, your response will help us to craft a unique and diverse house. The positions are as follows:

I. Los Jefes (2) - the directors: Maintain the intentionality and house mission.
Seek to answer the following questions:

    (1) Internal - How can the house residents live more durable, fulfilling, sustainable lifestyles, growing together as a                 family unit?
    (1) External - How can the house implement the vision of sustainable living in Sewanee, while being goal driven and                 action oriented?

II. The Pen – the scribe: Details house activities in journal and online. Writes articles for the newspaper. Organizes and builds house library.  Maintains the blog/Sustain Sewanee GH page. Photograph archiver. Makes house signage for sustainable/educational aspects.

III. Chick Magnet - chicken manager: Oversees the mental and physical well-being of the hens. Ensures Hen Hall is habitable, the purchase of food, and directing the chore of chicken care, including weekly check-list and egg count.

IV. Provost of the Compost - compost director: Monitors the garden compost, McClurg ambassador and Scott Maino's (McClurg director) best friend, coordinates the compost pick-up of the student and prep area compost, and investigates other sources of compost. Vermicomposting (worm composting).

V. Kid Coordinator – weekly elementary and middle school outreach: Continues the outreach program to teach children about gardening, composting, chickens, and other activities at the Green House. Coordinates with other organizations and houses (EMTs, Community Service House, Firefighters).

VI. Homesteader – education director:
Gathers idea from housemates and works with them to coordinate logistics of DIY workshops, speakers, and documentaries. They will organize at least one major event every month and work on inviting a diverse group of students and community members.

VII. Garden Manager – Old Farm: Oversees the work of the garden, including bi-weekly garden work days open to the whole campus. Maintain the purpose of the old farm garden as supplying food for donation to the Community Action Committee or Grundy County Food Bank. Incorporate garden into curriculum (make it a PE or independent study) to teach garden workers Gardening 101/basics.

VIII. Garden Manager – New Farm: Oversees the house garden and land use at the Green House. Makes our land a teaching example of sustainable agricultural and living, including extending the growing season to feed the house and house events.

IX. Utility Witch – Measure consumed resources daily: gas, water, electric. estimates carbon footprint and living cost. Directs shower timing and appliance use. Evaluates house efficiency and appearance. Enacts practical solutions, emphasizing maintenance and consumption minimalization. Our ambassador to PPS. Also in charge of the maintenance and purchase of tools.

X. Checks and Balances - 'checks' = the house treasurer, reimbursements and account monitoring; 'balances' = coordinates with other organizations and houses on campus (EMTs, Community Service, Greek Organizations, Outreach Office). Volunteer coordinator for garden and huge projects. Advocates for maintaining an awesome relationship with local folk and farmers.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Meeting Minutes Vally Day

We need another GH interest email- cstudent about if people are still interested and didn't make it to the meeting- Compton is all over it like eggs on toast.

Eggs! We are getting about 70 eggs a week. 48 can be used for omelet breakfast one week and CAC the alternate week. The rest will be used by GH peeps. SOO start saving, for omelet this weekend. If we each have about two eggs a week, it should work out.

Positions: Still be thinking about what your GH position will be this semester- check out the list on the last blog. Callie wants to be New Farm garden manager. Becca and Hanna maybe want to work on a cool book about the GH history with pics, drawings, stories, etc.

Oreos and bonfire was fantastical.

Merit students are cool.

Craft night will have a facebook event. Twitter? Um maybe not yet.

We need a chore wheel. Anyone?


Monday, February 8, 2010

2/7 Mtg Minutes

this week:
think about what position you want for remainder of semester
think about potential people for next year and write their name on the google doc. (invite sent separately)
help kate with compost bucket rotation. empty them into bin!

Monday 7pm: Band practice & picture followed by info session. bring your story to share.
Tues/Wed 6pm- Hosting session in Gailor
Tuesday- Carson is organizing Food Waste display
Thursday 7pm - Callie is organizing Farm Internship workshop in Spencer
Thursday post-8pm: No Light Night.
Friday noon - Lunch at 'Clurg with tablecloth
Saturday 8:30pm- GreenHouse Family Folk Band & Fire Eatin' & Smores & Oreos

Callie & Carson are the new directors. (internal/external affairs)
Reed- closet removal
Callie (duchess of the fire)- fire permit
Paul- Annual report
Hanna, Keri, Kate - chick magnet T-shirt squad
Kate, chessie, compton, ??? - compost squad.

Mission statement task force made progress as well.
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