Monday, December 6, 2010

Meeting minutes 06.12.10

Do we want someone to replace Stuart (in body only)?
-nah—give Carson the single.
GH director selection—Callie and Carson will conspire.
When are admissions? sometime. Something about chickens.
Chickensitters! Kate, Thomas, and Callie will organize.
Carons hears chickens sounds, there are feathers everywhere. He runs out there, and this chihuahua’s got one of the chickens going rrrr rrrr. He grabs it and nearly kills the thing, then he grabs the other dog and shakes them for aw hile, and the little dog bites him, and he …ask Carson.
We need better fencing for the ladies to guard against attacks.
On Monday and Tuesday (of exams), Callie will do nice things for the GH. Or something. Clean chicken coop, water/food containers, etc. Help if you’re around?
Are they getting enough daylight? We should use the light timer.
We should get pellets for the bunnies. Callie will go to Tractor Supply on the Monday of exam week.
Deanna needs people to help with yard maintenance stuff for Folks at Home. Next Monday or Tuesday.
Delicious parsnips in the garden! No one knows where they came from!
Carson e-mailed Sandor Katz, he’ll come do another workshop next semester.
Another Arm&Trout next semester?
Dana (Parlours) wants to put Sewanee on her next tour, but she wants pay this time. Lambda maybe. Thomas is in charge of handling that.
Compost Revolution Week: it won’t be microwaved. Intensive propaganda, potentially violent, ideas? Talk to Callie. Slide show for compost conference.
Instead of standing in front of the bins—have drawings. Paint the bulletin board! Need instruction.
We should babysit Stuart’s plant while he’s abroad!
Help Carson come up with roles for the GH to go on Rocco’s chart.
something about fartichokes.
GH retreat 16th-17th. Some people go in the morning. Some come later.
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