Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meeting Minutes February 19th

Coffee table next Friday from 11-coffee end--everyone who can help/sing silly songs!

Coffee has been orderd by Michael

Stewart Tarver and Michael will help set up/make coffee that morning.

MC- Ross Scarbrough!

Everyone playing a song send an email to Mary Michael.

Her sister might be singing a song.

Sarah is making an AWESOME POSTER. It will be done Tuesday.

Send another email--Arden.

Stew will attempt to be coffee bitch during event.

Technology ain’t needed.

Can we get K Smith to make a surprise appearance? Please?

He’s been invited. He will be re-invited. He will be a “surprise guest” on the poster.

Dr. Potter might play something!! But not Haskell; womp.

Also, it’s Merit weekend.

We should tell admissions about Leg’n’Salmon.

We should name the chick. It’s a female, according to Andrew Bradshaw.

But we won’t really know til it’s older. Do we want to get friends for it?

We need to do it this week if so. Trav says get three more chicks. That makes four. Math.

They should probably be layers and not special floofy kinds.

MM will talk to Haskell about it. Deanna will look into and stuff.

Egg brekki was great and happy! Good job. Next time invite professors!

GARDEN ARDEN sez garden is good. Sprouty contraptions are hard to water.

Compost Truck Tragedy: Where the fuck is the key? Toriano tooken it. Zomg he was just like in our house.

Three etc. needed to help do next compost round.

Chef Rick told Deanna to text her. She was like no thanks bro.


Arden and Ben--Chickens. Plus Travcat.

Parker and Deanna-- compost

MM and Stew-- love n joy

Sarah and Tarver -- kitchen

Michael and Jojo-- living room; set up cuddle hours.

Three weeks til Spring Break. Woop.

Stepping stones on the downhill slope by McCrady?

Dr. Potter willing to give us some money to prettify that space!

It’s pretty gross though. Flagstones for free that Parker knows about.

How can we wash the front of the house?

Arden will call PPS and get heat fixed.

Trav said it would be cool to have a week of no waste.

Can we get people to sign a pledge on Earth week?

Maybe it should end with earth day.

This should be publicized so that people think the GreenHouse is Green.

Even if it’s recycling it is still waste. Tampons are fine.

Oven makin’

Farming with the farmers’ market as an internship this summer!! Deanna can help you write the stuff that needs to be submitted by March 1st. Deanna will have a meeting soon about this, with people like Michael and Heather who farmed last summer.

We got dat National Geographic subscription.

Ben is late, he must take off his pants.

He is taking off his pants. They are unzipped. He hesitates. He rebuckles. General disappointment.

People often feel that the GreenHouse didn’t do as much as it used to.

Craft nights can happen.

Sarah suggests documentary nights. Chicken Run first?

Next thursday first one--emailSarah for any suggestions or ideas. Possibilities for discussions afterward, speakers, etc.

Public screenings require monies for lawyer shit.

By word of mouth?

Team up with Cinema Guild to help us? Sarah will try to talk to them about it.

Craft night

Heather and Peter have materials for arts.

Ben and Arden and Tarver and Travis will help head this up.

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