Sunday, February 27, 2011

Minutes 27.2.11

something about applications.


Katie will organize critter care for spring break.

Rabbit babies--got wet, 2 died. Steps taken: heating pad under nesting box, plastic lining on most exposed walls. If you see Mary Michael around, thank her for being awesome and helping us get a heating pad.

Sandor Katz is here a week from tomorrow.

Chickens got their wings clipped today, but the newer ones will need it again before the end of the semester.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

20.2.11 minutes

Carson’s not here.
Tuesday is Tater’s 31st day.
Supper Wednesday at McClurg. can we steal a room in the McClurg upstairs? Callie will look into it. 17:00 or 18:00 Wednesday. Callie will set a time and e-mail out.
We need to have an event at 21:00 Saturday for Merit scholars. Oreo Olympics, bonfire, jam.
we need tea, firewood, Oreos,
Katie and Pam will advertise for that.
jam for GH and friends of GH- don’t open it to the campus because there will be too many people.

Canning workshop after spring break.
Sandor Katz at the beginning of March. We will discuss at the next meeting, since we need Carson.
Compost Revolution- sign up to proctor the compost.

Food bank tomorrow leaving at 12:20-2ish.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Application 2011-2012

Click HERE to apply!

Applications are due before Wednesday, March 2.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

minutes 13.2.11

Compost Revolution Week is next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Callie’s pumped. Thursday 12:00 at the GH- make table tents. Be there. Also sign up for 15-min slots to proctor the compost. Wednesday we're going to layer compost by age in an aquarium so people can see how awesome it is. Serve dirt? decorate McClurg? Will they let us do these things? Hope so. Compost-infused water. :D

Chalk art graffiti festival on Sunday night.
Bunnies are due this weekend! Assuming they're pregnant.

No GH love and family time this week, because we have info sessions. Info sessions are Tuesday and Wednesday at 8.

Should the dining council meeting be part of Compost Revolution time? Nah.

How to stop people stealing mugs from McClurg? Have a mug-painting day, like the pottery painting things.

Applications for next year: omit resume requirement and choose-your-role; ask about bunnies, but this has NO bearing on whether you're let in or not.

Stuart and Stella are next year's GH directors!

Sean TMIed.

Mountaintop Removal tomorrow in Convocation Hall. Come hear Dr Potter talk about how bad 'splosions can be.

Eggy Brekky at 9:30 Saturday. Lots of eggs, sausage, mushroom sausage, egg casserole.

Lambda burned something bad, and now they want to earn indulgences by working in our garden...?

We need to get the info for Chelsea. Should this be done as a house?

We need tea. Sean and Deanna will make carrot cake for the info session. Can Katie make biscotti?

Sunday, February 6, 2011


What’s the strangest place you’ve ever been?
Carson went to a bachelor party
Katie got stuck somewhere
Sean went to SAE
Rowan went to a sketchy strip club
Deanna went to a truck stop in OH where there were burning buildings and things.
Callie went to a game room at a hot springs in WY.
Pam went to a club in England with purple walls and was underground with frat sludge.
Thomas went to the set of Thirteen Going On Thirty
Chelsea stumbled across a cagefight.
Never mind, Pam went to the Mütter Museum in Pennsylvania.

Chelsea wants to know what's up with summer garden interns. Something fairly permanent should be established for our garden. The intern would combine the garden internship with something else. Chelsea thinks there should be more structure to the internship. Be sure the intern knows what's planted where! We should be thinking about our vision for the student garden before we pick interns so that we can have a good, detailed, productive sit-down with the interns once they're chosen. There's an alternative source of funding, which is the DuPont grant to the Sustainability Steering Committee. It would be nice to have some kind of mentor or advisor type. We also need a better system for the animals--since the intern is living with another farmer, it's not practical for them to come back twice a day for animal care. The deadline to apply for funding is March 1, so we need to STEP ON IT. Chelsea wants the garden managers to write down our goals, dreams, wishes, etc. for the garden this summer.

SANDOR KATZ IS COMING! Monday, March 7, probably. He will speak to the fungi class or ecology or Intro to Biology or something, but also give a workshop here, for which we will need to buy the supplies. Probably at 7:30. There's apparently an article about him in the New Yorker.

Oh whoops, we're behind on applications for next year. Carson will send out a cstudent tomorrow, and we should discuss the application. Tuesday and Wednesday at 8.

Egg breakfast was awesome. Only 6 invitees didn't show, the food was delicious, etc. We need spoons, forks, a spatula, and non-disposable plates.

Composting on Saturday was great. The GH will consider footing the bill for Team Compost's tarps.

Spiral herb garden - Callie will call Lizzie tomorrow. We should have a group meeting this week where we'll go and gather rocks, gravel, etc. The next week we'll advertise around campus and have a community effort to actually build the thing.

ALL-GH MEETING NEXT SATURDAY AFTER COMPOST (NOON) to get stuff for the spiral garden.

Garden manager meeting Tuesday at breakfast.

Sean is now the Green House pope. If you don't go to garden hours, Sean will send you guilt.

Kate, Callie, Deanna are on for egg breakfast on the 26th.

Might we invite all the environmental studies faculty to the next egg breakfast?
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