Monday, August 31, 2009

Meeting Minutes

August 30, 2009 Minutes. Read on to hear about dinosaurs and potlucks

Leader: Stella Pfau

Recorder: Paul Dixon

  • At the beginning of meeting everyone went around and said “the best thing that happened to them this weekend was . . .”
  • Played pterodactyl game and Angie won.
  • Pulled numbers and assigned chores/partners for the next month:

Angie and Maggie – Chickens

Paul and Stella – Leaders/recorders of meetings

Kate and Carson – Recycling

Compton and Keri – Kitchen

Chessie and Kallie – Emergency Cleanup Crew/ Weekly dinners

  • For weekly dinners order from and use food from garden, and rest from the Pig. Professors and others invited to upcoming dinners include: Scott Maino (new Keith Davis), Kirk Zigler and his new wife, Julie Puttgen, Dixon, Darrel, Regina, Rocco, Shayne. Need to contact and confirm dates with these people pretty soon and alert greenhouse members what day and time they will be over for dinner. Chessie & Callie will organize.
  • Celebrated Paul’s birthday!: yummy yummy cookie cake made by Kate in the shape of a heart. Carson tickling him was supposed to be a distraction. Ate ice cream as well, very soupy though.
  • Talked about workshops: (need to partner with LLCs, ERs, Greeks, etc. to fund for some of these workshops)
    1. Freshmen “Hang out at the Greenhouse” finalized: Friday at 8 pm at Greenhouse. Compton to get fire permit, Carson to make posters and send c-student, Stella to get smores supplies.
    2. “Blessing the Chickens”: Keri, Callie, and Angie have that under control. Planned for Saturday the 26th of September, 2:00pm.
    3. Kate’s projects:

- fermentation and soap making Workshop– need to choose a date(s)

- Shed remodeling event at organic garden – need to choose a date

- Sewing day(s) – send c -student

    1. Compton’s project: Canning Workshop – need to choose a date, maybe a Tuesday
    2. Maggie’s project: Seed-paper/bookmark Workshop maybe led with your friend – need to choose a date
    3. Angie’s project: Bread-making workshop, Zucchini and Sourdough – need to pick a date. Pumpkin pie/everything pumpkin event sometime in October, probably led by more people than just Angie.
    4. Callie’s project: Old beer bottlecaps and soda bottlecaps collected in fraternities/sororities turned into beautiful quilt patterns and potentially hung up in the houses.
    5. Stella’s project: Drying the gourds at the garden and contacting house on 41 that has the purple martin gourd bird house to see if they can help us make the bird houses . . . maybe invite elementary students to come help out. Date will be figured out once gourds dry.
    6. Carson and Keri’s project: Haunted House!!!
  • Other upcoming projects/to do list:
    1. Community Garden Potluck organized by Stella, Deanna, and Chessie: Stella talk with Kirk to get list of neighbors and Deanna get another list of the rest of the gardeners. Make invitation and go door to door and invite them to Potluck. Figure out who needs to bring what, maybe by last name A-K main dishes, K-N beverage, etc. Do preferably by Wednesday.
    2. Sustainability competition amongst frats/sororities. Can crusher? / garden plots (need to choose a fast growing veggie)
    3. Compton and Keri get a white board out at the Garden so we can make a to-do list.
    4. House expects everyone to get out to the garden at least for 1-2 hours/week. Times: Thursday- Deanna and Stella will be there from 2:00-5:00pm

Sunday- Angie and Deanna will be there from 1:00-5:00pm

    1. Compton and Stella to check out house and make a proposal to PPS for water-catchment systems.
    2. Angie get plaque that was at the Eco-house
    3. Need to make a note for Regina
    4. Thanksgiving dinner
    5. Kate is the new Treasurer whoo hooo!
    6. What are we going to do with screenporch?
    7. Bio-diesel anyone?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ladies of the Greenhouse get a haircut

All the lady chickens and even the rooster had a very big surprise this beautiful Sunday morning. With scissors in hand, greenhouse members snipped away at the primary feathers of the chickens to prevent them from flying away. Lately the chickens have been flying up and roosting on their fence, some taking the next step and actually taking little strolls around the yard. The Greenhouse decided, with Shayne's advice, to clip their feathers so we would not have dead chickens on Mitchell Avenue run over by cars or dead chickens in the mouths of Sewanee dogs or hawks. In less than 10 minutes the haircut of 11 hens and 1 rooster was completed . . . and hopefully they are not too ashamed of their new look.

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