Saturday, May 1, 2010

Invasives removal and native planting day!

On the Invasive Removal and Native Planting Day (IRNPD) Nathan Bourne helped take out the giant privet tree in our backyard and Becca painted a little poison on the stump to help it fully die. Callie Crider made a beautiful sign for the native wildflower area, which are all labeled with carved slate tiles, and Paul Dixon delegated the privet tree to the back woods.

Thanks to McCrady/LLC for the funding! We received $300 to buy native plants, which we purchased from the Sequachie Cove Farm including: Paw paws, serviceberries, beauty berries, native honeysuckle, witchhazel, spicebush, alternate leaf dogwood, buckeye, and lots of wildflowers like foamflower, firepink, shooting star, soloman's seal, colombine, and meadow rue.

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