Monday, November 15, 2010

Meeting minutes 14.11.10

What was the most hardcore part of your party weekend?
Thomas went to LXA sat 1 am to hang w/ sketchy alums. Also, he cut himself trying to light a candle. Never allow him to live this down.
Rowan got kicked out of TKP because he’s too awesome for them, and they were threatened.
Callie took a nap.
Katie dumped leaves in Carson’s room.
Stuart was in Richmond kicking all our bums at a marathon.
Sean was working on grad school applications and bought $100 of coffee—COME TO ARM&TROUT. Or don’t, and then we’ll drink the coffee.
Carson won’t let me record the most hardcore part of his party weekend. Carson is HC King.
Kate bought a fiddle. Sean played a note on it.
Deanna had a farty weekend.
April did fall party things, and some guy tried to lick her face.

Callie and Thomas want people to compost their shit. This will be accomplished with oil-based paints. Also, we’ll have people proctoring the compost intermittently.
An Aramark lady wants stats on compost for a bulletin board per Rick’s request, because he’s awesome.
Katie and Callie need to see Dr Haskell.
Write thank-you note for the guy who donated books to the library.
Moths in wheat; Deanna will look through it and either compost it or grind it.
We like Dr Torreano.
April threw the sponges out. Carson washed the towels. April washed them again. KEEP THE KITCHEN CLEAN.
Carson’s bringing a food dehydrator back after Thanksgiving, because he’s awesome.
Mountaintop Musicians have reserved the equipment for Arm & Trout. Needs to be picked up Friday.
Artists need to drop off art on Friday.
Send out a cstudent tomorrow.
Guerrilla coffee grinding at the Pig Saturday morning. Percolation to follow, says April. But this is contingent on finding percolators.
Buy tea! And half-and-half.
Use our wheat to make baked goods. Threshing party Tuesday 1-3 or sometime before dark. The other Tom Sanders has a wheat grinder.
Carson’s going to an interview this weekend. Wish him luck.
Thomas will drive people from Bowling Ball to Arm & trout.
Rabbits: sell Thistle back to the guy or trade him; otherwise, sell him and buy a doe from Jess or someone.
Hang posters for Arm & trout!
Rowan may have found his rice bowl. April lost a book. It’s red.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meeting minutes 7.11.10

Armentrout weekend after next (Saturday 20.00)
Bowling Ball or something interferes with A&T—proceed as planned and deal with slightly lower attendance/performing body. Open mike, but we need to have people scheduled. MC (most likely Cain) will be in charge of making sure someone is always performing. We don’t have time to do paper invites to potential performers, so FB and e-mail. Pam will do e-mails tonight. Rowan will make a FB group.
Grind coffee at the Pig? Rowan’s got a hook-up. Sean will buy coffee this weekend.
Posters should go up at least a week before the event.
House- April, Deanna, Katie
Publicity- Pam, Rowan
Getting folks- Carson, Thomas, Callie
talk to McGrath about borrowing bio mugs
BYOM-Bring your own mug!
Mike/coffee and perc/tea/PEOPLE
Callie wants to talk about rabbit anatomy and such half an hour before the meeting once a month
Egg breakfast—CoHo would like to help out with future ones. Get our mugs back from the CoHo!
Something about composites and frats.
Close your storm windows—the heat’s on.
Worms? Feed them.
IF YOU ARE ON COMPOST CHORE, you are in charge of the compost bins on the GH porch. Dump occasionally and cover with an equal amount of leaves.
Hang out on the attic or porch, not on the roof.
Bonfire party Thursday night?
April will get blender, Kate will make pesto.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Slightly Digestible Jerusalem Artichoke

Thanks to the Jump-Off boys, we've been propagating a native root, the Jerusalem Artichoke. Not from Israel and nowhere near an artichoke in taste, these are more related to the Sunflower. We recently dug these roots up as their vibrant yellow flowers wilted with the arrival of the brisk autumnal air. We found out the hard way that these tubers aren't digested properly by our enzymes and should be eaten with extreme moderation. They store energy as a inulin, not starch as we are used to consuming. In my internet perusing, I've found a great summary of the consequences of over consuming these accurately nick-named "fartichokes." Gerard's Herbal, printed in 1621, quotes the English planter John Goodyer on Jerusalem artichokes: "which way soever they be dressed and eaten, they stir and cause a filthy loathsome stinking wind within the body, thereby causing the belly to be pained and tormented, and are a meat more fit for swine than men."

Perhaps chickens or rabbits would like them?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Rabbit Info Session.

(click for larger image)

Meeting minutes 31.10.10

GH mtg 31.10.10

We’re late.

We have food to use up. Kate will make basil pasta sauce.

Here's a bread recipe:

3 c. HWW flour
1 t salt
1/3 c. milled flax seed
1 T yeast
1 ¾ c. water
2 T fat
3 T. sugar or honey

Who has been t o the garden? If you haven’t, do.

Carson wants us to go to the garden.

Katie’s badass.

April got a haircut.

Awkward people at frat parties are funny.

Carson also wants more people to do compost.

Callie says no.

Rabbit meeting at 7: Rabbit group will meet this week. Ask professors to come for moral support and useful info?

Library! Dr Potter has books, and we have some books already. We need to go through them and OK things—legal documents are in there. Info on grant writing and such.

Callie doesn’t like the book Women.

Do we accept books that may not be immediately pertinent to Greenhousey things? Yes

Thomas wants a stamp.

“I’d like the stamp to be handmade.”
Callie: “Yeah, you could make it out of a potato.”
“Or a piece of rubber.”

April wants to have a meeting about Armentrout food and such. Katie, April, Deanna.

How to grind coffee? Better if fresh-ground, but will we be able to use Stirling’s?

Who should be MC? Cain?

Armentrout is CLOSE! Invites should go out within 10 days of now.

Print services for invites.

Couchsurfers come next Wednesday.

Egg breakfast next Saturday. Kate and Pam will invite the CoHo. Pam will make invites, Kate will make casserole.

Projector for Armentrout?

Does anyone need stuff from ATL?

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