Monday, January 25, 2010

Meeting Minutes 1/24/10

Garden - Deanna W. and Stella “Sleepy Pants” Pfau= Garden managers
–time to plant! got whiteboard/markers
-garden days: 12-3pm Thursday, Sunday 1-4pm
-Rebecca –R, Hannah – TBA, Reed – R, Keri – R, Compton – S, Sean – R or any weekday, Cardawg – S, Paul – S, Kate – gone rogue, Jonathan
– grow food for the CAC or Grundy County foodbank, not for our consumption, any food we eat should come from the house garden
- ways to get people out to garden: email list – consistent group of people to contact; have them confirm that they will be working, pitches: learn to grow your own food! (workshop oriented), food for the CAC/foodbank, SPO notes

1. chickens
Stella and Paul
2. Love and Joy
Hannah and Becca
3. Kitchen
Callie and Chessie
4. Clean Patrol
Sean and Reed
5. Omelet Breakfasts
Compton and Keri
6. Compost Bin washer/Recycling/dirty Work
Carson and Kate

Semester Jobs
1. Loremaster (scribe/historian)– Chesnut
-document GH happenings and events (unofficial and official), treat it like a journal and a report
did something beautiful happen? did something awful happen? did we get together and jump in a pile of leaves? did the chickens make the news again?
2. Toolmaster – Stella “sleepy pants” pfau
3. Provost of the Compost – Kate Cummings
4. Utility Witch (Semester) – Carson Wright

– make this look like a house, not a dorm

Chicken tractor – Sean and Kate
special order some parts
PVC design - should be completed sometime this week

Shower Times Sheets needed
buy 1 new timer for the triple

this Wednesday (1/27) Potluck – 6pm
invite Dr. Zigler

Omelet Breakfasts
Saturday 8:00am, every 2 weeks
don’t advertise the first one too much
entrance: 1 day garden work, $2, CAC food donation
open and invite certain groups/teams

Craft Night – kate and becca
F: 5-7pm

GH applications
talk to your friends

Documentary Films – environmental/food topics-Compton
check out projector from ATS in library
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