Monday, December 6, 2010

Meeting minutes 06.12.10

Do we want someone to replace Stuart (in body only)?
-nah—give Carson the single.
GH director selection—Callie and Carson will conspire.
When are admissions? sometime. Something about chickens.
Chickensitters! Kate, Thomas, and Callie will organize.
Carons hears chickens sounds, there are feathers everywhere. He runs out there, and this chihuahua’s got one of the chickens going rrrr rrrr. He grabs it and nearly kills the thing, then he grabs the other dog and shakes them for aw hile, and the little dog bites him, and he …ask Carson.
We need better fencing for the ladies to guard against attacks.
On Monday and Tuesday (of exams), Callie will do nice things for the GH. Or something. Clean chicken coop, water/food containers, etc. Help if you’re around?
Are they getting enough daylight? We should use the light timer.
We should get pellets for the bunnies. Callie will go to Tractor Supply on the Monday of exam week.
Deanna needs people to help with yard maintenance stuff for Folks at Home. Next Monday or Tuesday.
Delicious parsnips in the garden! No one knows where they came from!
Carson e-mailed Sandor Katz, he’ll come do another workshop next semester.
Another Arm&Trout next semester?
Dana (Parlours) wants to put Sewanee on her next tour, but she wants pay this time. Lambda maybe. Thomas is in charge of handling that.
Compost Revolution Week: it won’t be microwaved. Intensive propaganda, potentially violent, ideas? Talk to Callie. Slide show for compost conference.
Instead of standing in front of the bins—have drawings. Paint the bulletin board! Need instruction.
We should babysit Stuart’s plant while he’s abroad!
Help Carson come up with roles for the GH to go on Rocco’s chart.
something about fartichokes.
GH retreat 16th-17th. Some people go in the morning. Some come later.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Meeting minutes 14.11.10

What was the most hardcore part of your party weekend?
Thomas went to LXA sat 1 am to hang w/ sketchy alums. Also, he cut himself trying to light a candle. Never allow him to live this down.
Rowan got kicked out of TKP because he’s too awesome for them, and they were threatened.
Callie took a nap.
Katie dumped leaves in Carson’s room.
Stuart was in Richmond kicking all our bums at a marathon.
Sean was working on grad school applications and bought $100 of coffee—COME TO ARM&TROUT. Or don’t, and then we’ll drink the coffee.
Carson won’t let me record the most hardcore part of his party weekend. Carson is HC King.
Kate bought a fiddle. Sean played a note on it.
Deanna had a farty weekend.
April did fall party things, and some guy tried to lick her face.

Callie and Thomas want people to compost their shit. This will be accomplished with oil-based paints. Also, we’ll have people proctoring the compost intermittently.
An Aramark lady wants stats on compost for a bulletin board per Rick’s request, because he’s awesome.
Katie and Callie need to see Dr Haskell.
Write thank-you note for the guy who donated books to the library.
Moths in wheat; Deanna will look through it and either compost it or grind it.
We like Dr Torreano.
April threw the sponges out. Carson washed the towels. April washed them again. KEEP THE KITCHEN CLEAN.
Carson’s bringing a food dehydrator back after Thanksgiving, because he’s awesome.
Mountaintop Musicians have reserved the equipment for Arm & Trout. Needs to be picked up Friday.
Artists need to drop off art on Friday.
Send out a cstudent tomorrow.
Guerrilla coffee grinding at the Pig Saturday morning. Percolation to follow, says April. But this is contingent on finding percolators.
Buy tea! And half-and-half.
Use our wheat to make baked goods. Threshing party Tuesday 1-3 or sometime before dark. The other Tom Sanders has a wheat grinder.
Carson’s going to an interview this weekend. Wish him luck.
Thomas will drive people from Bowling Ball to Arm & trout.
Rabbits: sell Thistle back to the guy or trade him; otherwise, sell him and buy a doe from Jess or someone.
Hang posters for Arm & trout!
Rowan may have found his rice bowl. April lost a book. It’s red.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meeting minutes 7.11.10

Armentrout weekend after next (Saturday 20.00)
Bowling Ball or something interferes with A&T—proceed as planned and deal with slightly lower attendance/performing body. Open mike, but we need to have people scheduled. MC (most likely Cain) will be in charge of making sure someone is always performing. We don’t have time to do paper invites to potential performers, so FB and e-mail. Pam will do e-mails tonight. Rowan will make a FB group.
Grind coffee at the Pig? Rowan’s got a hook-up. Sean will buy coffee this weekend.
Posters should go up at least a week before the event.
House- April, Deanna, Katie
Publicity- Pam, Rowan
Getting folks- Carson, Thomas, Callie
talk to McGrath about borrowing bio mugs
BYOM-Bring your own mug!
Mike/coffee and perc/tea/PEOPLE
Callie wants to talk about rabbit anatomy and such half an hour before the meeting once a month
Egg breakfast—CoHo would like to help out with future ones. Get our mugs back from the CoHo!
Something about composites and frats.
Close your storm windows—the heat’s on.
Worms? Feed them.
IF YOU ARE ON COMPOST CHORE, you are in charge of the compost bins on the GH porch. Dump occasionally and cover with an equal amount of leaves.
Hang out on the attic or porch, not on the roof.
Bonfire party Thursday night?
April will get blender, Kate will make pesto.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Slightly Digestible Jerusalem Artichoke

Thanks to the Jump-Off boys, we've been propagating a native root, the Jerusalem Artichoke. Not from Israel and nowhere near an artichoke in taste, these are more related to the Sunflower. We recently dug these roots up as their vibrant yellow flowers wilted with the arrival of the brisk autumnal air. We found out the hard way that these tubers aren't digested properly by our enzymes and should be eaten with extreme moderation. They store energy as a inulin, not starch as we are used to consuming. In my internet perusing, I've found a great summary of the consequences of over consuming these accurately nick-named "fartichokes." Gerard's Herbal, printed in 1621, quotes the English planter John Goodyer on Jerusalem artichokes: "which way soever they be dressed and eaten, they stir and cause a filthy loathsome stinking wind within the body, thereby causing the belly to be pained and tormented, and are a meat more fit for swine than men."

Perhaps chickens or rabbits would like them?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Rabbit Info Session.

(click for larger image)

Meeting minutes 31.10.10

GH mtg 31.10.10

We’re late.

We have food to use up. Kate will make basil pasta sauce.

Here's a bread recipe:

3 c. HWW flour
1 t salt
1/3 c. milled flax seed
1 T yeast
1 ¾ c. water
2 T fat
3 T. sugar or honey

Who has been t o the garden? If you haven’t, do.

Carson wants us to go to the garden.

Katie’s badass.

April got a haircut.

Awkward people at frat parties are funny.

Carson also wants more people to do compost.

Callie says no.

Rabbit meeting at 7: Rabbit group will meet this week. Ask professors to come for moral support and useful info?

Library! Dr Potter has books, and we have some books already. We need to go through them and OK things—legal documents are in there. Info on grant writing and such.

Callie doesn’t like the book Women.

Do we accept books that may not be immediately pertinent to Greenhousey things? Yes

Thomas wants a stamp.

“I’d like the stamp to be handmade.”
Callie: “Yeah, you could make it out of a potato.”
“Or a piece of rubber.”

April wants to have a meeting about Armentrout food and such. Katie, April, Deanna.

How to grind coffee? Better if fresh-ground, but will we be able to use Stirling’s?

Who should be MC? Cain?

Armentrout is CLOSE! Invites should go out within 10 days of now.

Print services for invites.

Couchsurfers come next Wednesday.

Egg breakfast next Saturday. Kate and Pam will invite the CoHo. Pam will make invites, Kate will make casserole.

Projector for Armentrout?

Does anyone need stuff from ATL?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Minutes for GH Meeting 10/24/2010

Callie 8:22—exciting events next week: Sat. Dead Poet’s Night—music, poetry readings, make a list of people who would be good to invite? Write names on the white board in the kitchen, Thomas to get people on the Mountain Goat. Send out a Sun. C-student email, Facebook event, put out the fliers.

Art Forum is showing Rocky Horror Picture show here. We need to tidy up the house, they will bring food and movie stuff and publicity.

Wed. Nov. 3 Rabbit discussion. Pam and Rowan need to make fliers. Rabbit Team (Kate, Katie, Sean, Rowan, Callie) meet in the morning for a discussion.

Carson 8:30—Rabbit books? Website? Some informational source for interested parties.

Sean 8:30—People need to get reimbursed for money spent. We have a $3000 budget left to spend, only spent $500.

Carson 8:32—Do not worry about the budget when there are things that need to be spent.

Armentrout dates? Two or three people to get people here, two to three people to organize the house and get it ready for the evening.

Working on the House: April, Deanna, Katie.

Need a projector. Sean to get one from the LAL.

Need to get coffee percolator and coffee. How much coffee? 10 pounds!!

Cake from the Blue Chair or Julia’s

ATS and ATC have sound equipment. Email them and ask them.

Getting people here: everyone needs to come up with five names of people who could come and email Carson. Carson, Thomas, Callie to create a schedule of people to play. Rob McCallister as the MC? Laura Candler? Elspeth Iralu?

Publicity: Pam, Rowan emails, classifieds, fliers, chalk

Callie 8:49—We should donate the eggs this week.

April—We should make a calendar and put it on the wall so that we can see what people are doing and what events are happening in the house. Someone check out the attic and see if a white board is up there.

Kate 8:51—Nov. 10th couch surfers need a place to stay and a place to play a show. We will host them and make them dinner

Carson 8:54—No Impact Man Thursday night at GPS in Chattanooga. Callie is going with Chelsea. Anyone who wants to go talk to Callie (but be careful cause she is really mean. She cra- cra-)

The fireplace works! But make sure that the vent is open and that the doors are closed.

Found Beta’s composite in the woods. Looks like a skunk peed on it.

We should start unplugging stuff like vending machines and televisions.

Callie 9:04—Could we host people for Multi Cultural weekend? Nov. 4-6

It’s not too late to join Team Compost. Meeting tomorrow on the balcony of McClurg at 7. 600 pounds of compost per day!! Planning on going to other places around Sewanee.

Carson 9:11—How do we preserve things from the garden? We should start dating food in the fridge.

Turn off the lights dudes.

SSC still needs ideas to be contributed.

Come to the garden. It’s where we can love each other. It’s where life begins. And hopefully won’t end. When you’re there.

Cherry tomatoes are ready to pick. Basil is out there. Make pesto pronoto and put it in the freezer. Harvest most of it but leave some leaves.

We should start canning. Callie knows how to can. We should have a canning workshop!! Don’t be passive aggressive. Be aggressive aggressive.

Sean 9:20—We should do more things together. We should have pasta night with the basil pesto.

April—Could people be more sensitive to early and late hours in the kitchen. Katie and April can hear everything that people say and get woken up by people talking.

It’s Kate’s birthday on Tuesday! We should have dinner! Pam’s b-day on Nov. 6!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Craft Night and Other GreenHouse-y Events

Calendar of Events

October 5th @ noon: Cider Making Workshop at the GreenHouse

October 6th @ 7:00pm: Environmental Studies Majors dinner at the GreenHouse

October 8th @ 7:00pm: Craft Night (co-sponsored by SPECE) at the GreenHouse

October 10th @ 12:00pm - 3:00pm: Community Garden Party (co-sponsored by Sustain Sewanee) in the Mary Sue Cushman Room / Organic Garden

October 11th - October 13th: Zero Waste Events during the VC Installation. Volunteers still needed. Contact Rocco Calandruccio ( for more information.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Minutes for GH Meeting 9/26/10

What kind of superpower would you have?

Callie—look at something and turn it to stone/gold at will

Katie—shape shifter (Barbie in particular)

Kate—musical, speak all languages

Sean­—breath under water

Thomas—control all metal (like Magnito), talking to animals, Dr. Manhattan, God


April—run fast, be strong (run from the cops after she robs banks)

Pam—know everyone’s emotions

Stewart—telekinesis/influence things with emotions (Jedi Master)

Rowan—turn head 365 degrees

Deanna—read minds at will

Carson—kitchen gone astray, lots of dirtiness, not just one person’s job to clean up the messes in the kitchen, April doing a good job at being a kitchen manager, but people need to clean up their own dishes. People from the community do drop by, so we need to keep the rooms and commons area tidy. Keep lights off when not in use, fans off when not in use.

Someone please take the SNACKSTER. Carson HATES the Snackster.

Pam—email SPECE wants to help craft night on Oct. 8th at about 7, Deanna and Katie and Pam want to help. Anything that people think that could be used for crafts leave outside Pam’s door

Carson—Callie has been taking care of the worms, fertilizer is looking good, so black it absorbs light, surrounds everything in shadow

Katie—apple pressing, people need to collect apples and respond to a date for the cider. Mrs. Bowman wants to do it on a weekday. Send out an email on classifieds (Callie) to ask people if we can harvest their apples. Pressing would be in the afternoon, making cider in the evening, and make dinner for our guest. Open workshop! Need to advertise! Need to collect containers for the cider

20:30 Carson—Having McCardell over for dinner in November. Menu Armentrout in November. Jen Bachman wants to be involved in Armentrout as well, do the food part? Take a month to plan, huge commitment. Not going to do the Haunted House, high maintenance. Dead Poet’s night, light a thousand candles.

20:35 Michael—ERs need help to organize a garden work party, need a list of tasks for what needs to be done. 20-30 people will show. Oct. 10th at one o clock, gonna have food from Julia’s at the Women’s Center

Carson—some could work here, maybe not all in the garden, but some. Most in the breakfield garden. Build raised beds, plant garlic, make cold frames. Might not have everything, requires funds.

Sean—boosted compost at McClurg

Michael—keep in touch about tasks and tools, if need to borrow some from PPS

Carson—email about signing up for composting at a VC event, ensuring that every event is waste free, McClurg is almost all compost, if can’t deliver at either garden, dump behind PPS

Callie—team compost dedicating 2-3 hours a week moving compost getting started in October, ERs GreenHouse and others

Sean—garden managers need to meet about gardens tomorrow over breakfast, need to plant before temperature drops.

Pam—need to write the op-ed article soon, Thomas will get the journal tomorrow

Deanna—How Then Shall We Eat last Thursday, another on Oct. 7th with Bill Keener people should come

Box of wheat on porch should be threshed before it gets wet, tomorrow evening at 5

Favorite Things About Callie!

Stewart—when she tries to be mean or intense and she fails

Thomas—how excited she gets about little things

Kate—when she makes music

April—hair and laugh

Pam—bubbly in the morning, makes day better

Katie—when she smiles, how passionate and excited she is

Rowan—when Callie smiles I smile

Sean—how excited she gets about using her truck

Carson—I like Callie’s big ole cow eyes

Deanna—day she was going to dinner, saw chickens chasing another chicken, heard Callie playing her fiddle, and thought that life felt perfect.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

community wisdom from Wendell Berry

"A community is the mental and spiritual condition of knowing that the place is shared, and that the people who share the place define and limit the possibilities of each other's lives. It is the knowledge that people have of each other, their concern for each other, their trust in each other, the freedom with which they come and go among themselves."

Wendell Berry,
The Long-Legged House (1969)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bunnies, Banjos, and Bagels for Breakfast.

We've had quite an eventful start for the school year here at the GreenHouse! Lots of exciting changes and new plans a'brewing--both in the house and in the University (composting team, anyone?).

First off, we added a couple of adorable new members to the household:

No, not those wieners. These furry and feathered cuties:

The rabbit proposal is slowly coming into fruition with the arrival of lady bunnies. The boy bunnies seem to be really excited about this. Katie has been doing a fair amount of research on bunny breeding, and yesterday, Professor Haskell came by the house to provide us with more information on the subject.

A handful of new chickens have arrived at the coop. The old hens are still adjusting to their new housemates (just like the rest of us), but we're hoping that it won't be long until the new arrivals will be integrated into the flock. For more info on the new chickens, a fantastic article by Waleska Solorzano just came out in this week's issue of the Sewanee Purple.

It was a busy weekend for the GreenHouse with two events back-to-back on Friday night and Saturday morning. Refusing to let the rain stop the fun, we relocated the tea/jam session scheduled for Friday into the living room. Not quite as fun as a backyard campfire, but everyone still made the best of the night with Bob Dylan/Neutral Milk Hotel/Joni Mitchell/Bright Eyes sing-a-longs and the infamous Oreo game.

We hosted this year's Environmental Residents for breakfast the following morning. It was a great way to start the day, with eggs courtesy of the hens, fruit salad from pilfered McClurg bananas and apples, and Callie's tasty bagels. Granted, the attendance from the ERs was a bit low, but everyone compensated by eating extra servings (not that anyone complained). We'll probably have to figure out a better way to boost attendance for Saturday Morning Breakfast for next time. I mean, who can resist a homemade herb bagel made with fresh ingredients and lots and lots of love?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Minutes for GH Meeting 9/12/10

Thomas—wants to be Wes Anderson/Rowan (to look at self naked)/Cormac McCarthy

Callie—Jenifer Aniston

20:10—Callie—Need to have a meeting about the rabbits: what to do with them, what to do about Big Mac, lunch meeting—Wednesday at 1:00 PM

20:12—April—Clean up mess in kitchen

20:15—Callie—Two activities over the weekend: Friday Night Jam, Saturday Morning Breakfast. FNJ—Facebook invite, more fliers, put it on the blog. SMB—Try and get the word out sooner to people.

Sean—Paul Farmer

Stewart—Fidel Castro/the guy out of Blow/April/Jesse Jackson/Lil’ Wayne/pretty girls for John Wayne

20:18—Callie—Cooking the bunny: rabbit stew, April, Rowan, Callie. NEXT Sunday Meeting.

(Bunny died from stress… Common occurrence.)

Bunny hide is still being soaked, soaked for 4 days, anyone who wants to help can help.

Is the rabbit dinner going to be public? Invite Rick?

Dr. Haskell coming over to discuss giving the rabbits better lives, unhappy with the way the situation with Big Mac transpired. Suggests that we buy books and read them and report on them to the rest of the hosue.

20:25—Thomas­—Starting up the library with Dr. Potter, getting people to donate books, get a fund to buy books, magazine subscriptions.

20:26—Stewart—workshop to organize things in the dishwasher…

20:27—Deanna—Lending property of the greenhouse? Is that cool? … Need to keep good records of who has which books. Sign out system, going to build shelves.

20:28—Callie—Chicken and rabbits is the most important chore and people need to be very diligent, if you are gone get cover, it is a top priority for their livelihood. Need to get more food for rabbits and shavings for the chicken coop. Everyone needs to read the rabbit report, but should not base all knowledge on it.

20:32—Garden Managers—Garden hours, Tuesdays and Sundays 1-3 at Breakfield Garden. Need to get out advertisements in and around campus. Get chalks and go out and write! Weed pulling coming up, need to get things planted now. Winter plants: beets, carrots, wheat, kale, broccoli, pumpkins?

20:33—Thomas—GreenHouse Journal, everyone should write in it and record all the stories.

Katie—CEO of National Geogrphic

Deanna—Switch between Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon/Clint Eastwood

Kate—John Steinbeck

20:37—Deanna—Everyone needs to be on the food-working group. Sustainability master plan. Need to make cool stuff happen with McCardell, make proposals.


April—John Wayne


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Minutes for GH Meeting 9/5/2010

20:06—Waiting in the Family Room for Thomas Sanders to get his butt over here.

Things We’re Tired Of:

Carson—people screaming outside his window, loud noises at night

Stewart—soap, shampoo all over the bathroom, April not loving him

April—confusion, frustration, bitches not cleaning up their messes in the damn kitchen, Stewart not accepting that she’s gay

Sean—running out of tea, stealing Rowan’s tea

Rowan—tired of people thinking that he really doesn't care, mosquitos, wants them to die


Thomas—being awake, tired of being tired

Katie—bitches not composting their shit

Deanna—fake happy relationships, one in particular which is fake happy all the time and not happy any time

Kate—lacking the motivation for running

Pam—McClurg food

Victoria (guest)—being bruised easily

20:20—Pam’s chore line is up, starting on the chores tomorrow, switching on Sunday nights and starting on Monday

—Sunday nights=recycling nights

—Carson gives a speech—Friday, Sustainability Summit, meeting of the people on the Natural Resources Committee, Nan Jenks from Middlebury, environmentalism director, spoke of how Middlebury is the number 1 sustainable school in the country. How does Sewanee get act together?—Office of sustainability on campus. Good indications of Sewanee in the right spot: the garden, Dean Hartman mentioned the GH as an organization that represents a lot of sustainability on campus, the model for campus, Dr. Potter mentioned that students inspire faculty to work together, GH and CoHo good at asking permission to fail… We’re awethome.

20:33—Carson—Project for this year, living up to the expectations of us. Brining people, students, into the GreenHouse who do not have a home on campus. Bringing faculty here. VC McCardell is looking for ways to kick start sustainability on campus: funded position of a Farm Manager in the near future. How do we go about it? Natural sciences: agriculture, farming classes.

20:39—Katie—bike renting program where people who can’t afford a bike or cannot get their bikes to campus can check out a bike

20:40—Callie—need to start garden workdays; garden managers need to meet to decide workdays and what is going to be planted where. We need to get started with work this week.

—Carson—Managers need to build a group of people who can work in the garden, mass emails, posters, etc. Split up one of the garden spaces where we supply all the seeds and tools and anyone can start their own plot. NEED to get people out and working. Competitions to donate to the CAC. More work at the student garden so that people do not feel uncomfortable gardening our GH garden.

Gardening text? How to start your own space

20:47—Thomas—a collection of gardening reading material, build a library, Thomas wants to be the librarian. Email for donating books

20:49—Callie—next time there are new chickens they need to stay separated from others so that they can get used to each other so they do not fight

20:51—Callie—Katie starting breeding rabbits tomorrow morning, rabbit journal to track what they’re doing, naming the animals by cage so that we do not confuse the males

20:53—7:30 tomorrow morning house picture.

20:54—Stewart—profile questions for each person in the house:

1. Favorite combination predator?

2. Spirit animal?

3. Birthdays? (need to make a list of birthdays and what everyone wants)

4. Favorite vegetable?

5. Hometown?

6. Majors?

7. Favorite books?

8. Favorite hot beverages?

9. Favorite yoga positions?

10. Languages?

11. Instruments?

12. Car?

13. What would you’re role be in the house?

14. Make up a question?

21:00—Deanna—Grundy County Food Bank Monday Thursday Saturday 12:45-1:45, needs physical help. Gardening at The Bridge with seniors, when can we do it? Senior Center behind The Market quilting group Wednesday mornings, invite Lina to come and have a meal with us. Kat Odonahough Folks at Home, gardening for people, shitake logs, helping garden at the CAC, Stephanie Lauria recycling—plastic containers with bottle caps, cardboard most valuable

21:10—Carson—egg breakfast for the ERs, Rowan and April and Katie Qualls, need to make a Pig run, faculty/staff dinner?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Invasives removal and native planting day!

On the Invasive Removal and Native Planting Day (IRNPD) Nathan Bourne helped take out the giant privet tree in our backyard and Becca painted a little poison on the stump to help it fully die. Callie Crider made a beautiful sign for the native wildflower area, which are all labeled with carved slate tiles, and Paul Dixon delegated the privet tree to the back woods.

Thanks to McCrady/LLC for the funding! We received $300 to buy native plants, which we purchased from the Sequachie Cove Farm including: Paw paws, serviceberries, beauty berries, native honeysuckle, witchhazel, spicebush, alternate leaf dogwood, buckeye, and lots of wildflowers like foamflower, firepink, shooting star, soloman's seal, colombine, and meadow rue.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Greenhouse Garden Party

Greenhouse Garden Party at Brakefield Garden. Lovely weather with wonderful people and yummy food: Quiches, Keener Hamburgers, Homemade Bread, and Apple Pie

Friday, March 5, 2010

NY Times article about backyard rabbits

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rabbit Proposal link

Here is the link to the rabbit proposal for record keeping and general interest. The hutch pictures didn't transfer, so I will put it here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pictures of the cold frame and chicken tractor, update on McClurg happenings

Here is what is going on with McClurg:
Chessie and I successfully completed the first fossil-fuel free compost transport today, by wheeling the bin of compost and crate of coffee to the backyard garden (and carrying it over the mud). Yay Chessie!! The bi-weekly compost pick-up of a full 55 gallon bin has been great- we have never missed a day and it is wonderful to talk to the workers in the back! A couple of crates of coffee is being composted every week as well.

Jack Nance is dropping off the egg cartons from McClurg on our porch, which are being used for our eggs, some for the compost (we have a TON), and eventually for starting seeds.

I am going to talk to Scott Maino, the director, tomorrow about how the Keener beef is going and what is the next step in composting at McClurg. Email me if you have any thoughts.

Eric sent us some pics of the cold frame and chicken tractor, which I am attaching. Maybe they will magically end up in our scrapbook?


GreenHouse meeting minutes

Posted by Paul E. Dixon's personal secretary (Kate):

Meeting Minutes 2/21/10


Paul will send us copies of each application to review before next week’s meeting. Decisions will be made by the end of next week.

Omelet breakfast:

Email Keri and Compton your ideas for whom to invite. Women’s lacrosse team will come this Saturday.

Dinner this week: Breakfast for dinner!

Compton is working on a map of house garden.

Keri is working on the elementary school project-

Garden update:

Focus on backyard garden, Brakefield garden will rest with some manure.

Stella will email schedule each week so we know who will be there when.

Thermostat- lets take it down a notch or two. 62 degrees!

Provos of the Compost speaks-Need to move the compost in a wheelie thing. Or levitate?

Chores: Callie will arrange chores.

News Flash: There are two showers in the downstairs bathroom.


Music jam/Craft night combine to make a great Friday night.

Friday at noon-lunch with the tablecloth and teapot.

Please submit your order to the staff.

Rabbit proposal anyone? Kate's on it.

What we need:

Tables and folding chairs.

Carson found a secret room and freed the ghost. Except some sightings.

Available funding

Hello residents and ardent followers of the GreenHouse:

Leigh Lentile has passed on some valuable funding information- Fund for Innovative Teaching and Learning (FITL; pronounced Fightel) has a category within the fund dedicated for student initiated projects with learning outcomes. Robin Hille-Michaels, who is super sweet and has an office in the Outreach office- she is in charge of the Canale program, knows all about this fund and can hook you up.

SO if you have any cool projects that need funding- like the bike generator (I'm still working on it- don't ask or I will rant about it) - then talk to Robin. I'm also going to write this info in the GH diary, but thought you might need it now.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Application, 2010-2011

 !!!!! CLICK HERE TO APPLY !!!!!

It is due by 5 PM on Friday, February 19. You will likely want to draft your short answer responses in Word so you can save and edit your work.

One required question on the application is to tell us which of the GreenHouse positions (excluding Los Jefes) you would excel at and find fulfilling. If none of the below positions appeal to you, define your own. While certainly not binding, your response will help us to craft a unique and diverse house. The positions are as follows:

I. Los Jefes (2) - the directors: Maintain the intentionality and house mission.
Seek to answer the following questions:

    (1) Internal - How can the house residents live more durable, fulfilling, sustainable lifestyles, growing together as a                 family unit?
    (1) External - How can the house implement the vision of sustainable living in Sewanee, while being goal driven and                 action oriented?

II. The Pen – the scribe: Details house activities in journal and online. Writes articles for the newspaper. Organizes and builds house library.  Maintains the blog/Sustain Sewanee GH page. Photograph archiver. Makes house signage for sustainable/educational aspects.

III. Chick Magnet - chicken manager: Oversees the mental and physical well-being of the hens. Ensures Hen Hall is habitable, the purchase of food, and directing the chore of chicken care, including weekly check-list and egg count.

IV. Provost of the Compost - compost director: Monitors the garden compost, McClurg ambassador and Scott Maino's (McClurg director) best friend, coordinates the compost pick-up of the student and prep area compost, and investigates other sources of compost. Vermicomposting (worm composting).

V. Kid Coordinator – weekly elementary and middle school outreach: Continues the outreach program to teach children about gardening, composting, chickens, and other activities at the Green House. Coordinates with other organizations and houses (EMTs, Community Service House, Firefighters).

VI. Homesteader – education director:
Gathers idea from housemates and works with them to coordinate logistics of DIY workshops, speakers, and documentaries. They will organize at least one major event every month and work on inviting a diverse group of students and community members.

VII. Garden Manager – Old Farm: Oversees the work of the garden, including bi-weekly garden work days open to the whole campus. Maintain the purpose of the old farm garden as supplying food for donation to the Community Action Committee or Grundy County Food Bank. Incorporate garden into curriculum (make it a PE or independent study) to teach garden workers Gardening 101/basics.

VIII. Garden Manager – New Farm: Oversees the house garden and land use at the Green House. Makes our land a teaching example of sustainable agricultural and living, including extending the growing season to feed the house and house events.

IX. Utility Witch – Measure consumed resources daily: gas, water, electric. estimates carbon footprint and living cost. Directs shower timing and appliance use. Evaluates house efficiency and appearance. Enacts practical solutions, emphasizing maintenance and consumption minimalization. Our ambassador to PPS. Also in charge of the maintenance and purchase of tools.

X. Checks and Balances - 'checks' = the house treasurer, reimbursements and account monitoring; 'balances' = coordinates with other organizations and houses on campus (EMTs, Community Service, Greek Organizations, Outreach Office). Volunteer coordinator for garden and huge projects. Advocates for maintaining an awesome relationship with local folk and farmers.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Meeting Minutes Vally Day

We need another GH interest email- cstudent about if people are still interested and didn't make it to the meeting- Compton is all over it like eggs on toast.

Eggs! We are getting about 70 eggs a week. 48 can be used for omelet breakfast one week and CAC the alternate week. The rest will be used by GH peeps. SOO start saving, for omelet this weekend. If we each have about two eggs a week, it should work out.

Positions: Still be thinking about what your GH position will be this semester- check out the list on the last blog. Callie wants to be New Farm garden manager. Becca and Hanna maybe want to work on a cool book about the GH history with pics, drawings, stories, etc.

Oreos and bonfire was fantastical.

Merit students are cool.

Craft night will have a facebook event. Twitter? Um maybe not yet.

We need a chore wheel. Anyone?


Monday, February 8, 2010

2/7 Mtg Minutes

this week:
think about what position you want for remainder of semester
think about potential people for next year and write their name on the google doc. (invite sent separately)
help kate with compost bucket rotation. empty them into bin!

Monday 7pm: Band practice & picture followed by info session. bring your story to share.
Tues/Wed 6pm- Hosting session in Gailor
Tuesday- Carson is organizing Food Waste display
Thursday 7pm - Callie is organizing Farm Internship workshop in Spencer
Thursday post-8pm: No Light Night.
Friday noon - Lunch at 'Clurg with tablecloth
Saturday 8:30pm- GreenHouse Family Folk Band & Fire Eatin' & Smores & Oreos

Callie & Carson are the new directors. (internal/external affairs)
Reed- closet removal
Callie (duchess of the fire)- fire permit
Paul- Annual report
Hanna, Keri, Kate - chick magnet T-shirt squad
Kate, chessie, compton, ??? - compost squad.

Mission statement task force made progress as well.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Meeting Minutes 1/24/10

Garden - Deanna W. and Stella “Sleepy Pants” Pfau= Garden managers
–time to plant! got whiteboard/markers
-garden days: 12-3pm Thursday, Sunday 1-4pm
-Rebecca –R, Hannah – TBA, Reed – R, Keri – R, Compton – S, Sean – R or any weekday, Cardawg – S, Paul – S, Kate – gone rogue, Jonathan
– grow food for the CAC or Grundy County foodbank, not for our consumption, any food we eat should come from the house garden
- ways to get people out to garden: email list – consistent group of people to contact; have them confirm that they will be working, pitches: learn to grow your own food! (workshop oriented), food for the CAC/foodbank, SPO notes

1. chickens
Stella and Paul
2. Love and Joy
Hannah and Becca
3. Kitchen
Callie and Chessie
4. Clean Patrol
Sean and Reed
5. Omelet Breakfasts
Compton and Keri
6. Compost Bin washer/Recycling/dirty Work
Carson and Kate

Semester Jobs
1. Loremaster (scribe/historian)– Chesnut
-document GH happenings and events (unofficial and official), treat it like a journal and a report
did something beautiful happen? did something awful happen? did we get together and jump in a pile of leaves? did the chickens make the news again?
2. Toolmaster – Stella “sleepy pants” pfau
3. Provost of the Compost – Kate Cummings
4. Utility Witch (Semester) – Carson Wright

– make this look like a house, not a dorm

Chicken tractor – Sean and Kate
special order some parts
PVC design - should be completed sometime this week

Shower Times Sheets needed
buy 1 new timer for the triple

this Wednesday (1/27) Potluck – 6pm
invite Dr. Zigler

Omelet Breakfasts
Saturday 8:00am, every 2 weeks
don’t advertise the first one too much
entrance: 1 day garden work, $2, CAC food donation
open and invite certain groups/teams

Craft Night – kate and becca
F: 5-7pm

GH applications
talk to your friends

Documentary Films – environmental/food topics-Compton
check out projector from ATS in library
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