Monday, April 29, 2013

Winding Down

Today, like every day, we wake up empty, scared.
Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading.
Take down a musical instrument and start to play.
Let the beauty you love be what you do.
There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We have fires these days and miss the chickens.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall 2012

Introducing the GreenHouse residents of the 2012-2013 school year...

Tarver Shimek- Junior, Ecology & Biodiversity major from Baltimore, MD
Michael Grantz- Senior, Environmental Policy major from Louisville, KY
Travis Tindell- Senior, Natural Resources major from St. Cloud, FL
Richard Milby- Sophomore, English and Philosph major (not sure which or both) from Atlanta, GA
Nancy Lilly- Sophomore, Natural Resources major from Eagle, CO
Stella Pfau-  Senior, Ecology-Biodiversity major from Birmingham, AL
Joey Mooradian- Sophomore, Spanish or History or Music or English major from Nashville
Bea Troxel- Sophomore, (likely) Environmental Arts & Humanities major from Nashville
Allie Horick- Sophomore, (likely) Ecology & Biodiversity major from Nashville
Rachel Jenkins- Sophomore, Philosophy major from Georgia 

We've been in class for a little over two weeks but have already been busy organizing awesome activities for the semester!

This weekend we had our first garden hours of the semester. It was drizzling most of the time, but we managed to tear up several beds and put in some cabbage, kale, lettuce, radish, peas, among other veggies. We also did some repairs to the fence; the lovely tree growing next to the garden entrance got so big over the summer that it is starting to knock over the fence.

On Sunday we worked with Sewanee Green Action, the Community Engagement House, and the Sustainability House to organize "Shop the Yard Sale, Stop the Pipeline," a fundraiser for Tar Sands Blockade (, which is fighting the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline in northern Texas. We generated $268 for the cause, and even received some Facebook thank-yous from the organizers in Texas!

                    Tarver and Travcat in Belgium, circa 1917.

Make sure to come to the documentary screening of The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil this Sunday at 7 PM in Gailor Auditorium. This is being put on by our friends at the University Farm and the Sustainability House, and there will be coffee and snacks afterwards at the GreenHouse.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Waste Less Week Results

Ellen Slugg
Richard Milby
Erin Brahm
for each winning $20 gift certificate to Stirling's from a lottery after participating in the first annual Waste Less Week!
These students were three of the 25 Sewanee undergrads who pledged to carry around their non-decomposable trash last Mon-Fri for Earth Week.

Many students who participated found this an enlightening, challenging, and thought-provoking experience. Their thoughts are shared below:

"Because we recycle and compost food (that is pre-made for us) we do not see the behind the scenes packaging that would be used compared to the trash produced by the majority of people who use the grocery system. " 

"It was interesting to experience the habitual motion of tossing into an empty bin that takes "everything", and then catch yourself and put it in your little baggy and have it swing by you all day"

" I thought it was interesting how carrying my trash influenced my purchases and decisions such as using scratch paper."

"It turns out the little decisions really do build up."

"I realized that food and compostable is the biggest part of my trash"

"I got several questions about my bag of trash, and the response to my answer was mostly positive.  Some of the greener people said they wished they were as committed and were proud of me.  One person just scoffed and turned away."

"It definitely helped me think about recycling and how much trash I throw away during the week!"

- WLW participants

Hope you will join us next year!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Week

After the SOP hike tomorrow, we will be finished with our series of Earth Day celebrations. On Friday we had a screening of an episode from the BBC series Planet Earth, and all day yesterday we opened up our doors for students and community members to drop off gently used clothes and take with them anything they like. The rest of the clothes from the Clothing Swap will be donated to the Appalachian Women's Guild.

For Earth Day we built the brick base and thermal layer of our oven, which we can use starting this week! Here are some pictures from our work today:

Tarver and Deanna display their affection for both mud and one another.

Allie and Joey lining up the fire bricks.

What we completed today (except the top is now filled in).

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Garden Party

Perfect weather today for our spring garden party, organized by next years residents as is tradition.

Tarver showed off her skills on the hula hoop, and Ben, Andrew, and Arden played some music. For lunch we had Sequatchie Cove burgers and lamb burgers, beans and quinoa, and local salad and sweet potato fries. The chickens made several new friends, and Dr. Potter joined us for a few songs before everyone departed.

Travis, Arden and Michael begin work on the cob oven.

Zach and Johnny soakin' in the rays and the clay.

Arden and Andrew playing some tunes.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Meeting Minutes 4/8

Cabinet cleanout sometime before finals week

Meeting with new GHers Wednesday @ 7

Earth Week Events

There was an email about Sewanee Environmental Art Show on earth day. We should have a craft night this friday where people make stuff out of recycled materials. It gets auctioned off for Blue Monarch.

This week we need to do library tables Wed, Thursday, Friday of this week 10-12, but Friday 11-1. MM will make signs.
We have a form for people to sign up & we will give them plastic bags (on which we will write our logo WLW (Waste Less Week)). We will offer stirlings gift cards via raffle.
We need to send out a cstudent (Deanna) about us being at the library and doing this event

Table Times outside of Library
Wednesday: Tarv & Stew 10-11, MM & Trav 11-12
Thursday: Ben & Parker 10-11, Arden & Sarah 11-12
Friday: MM & Tarver 11-12, Jojo & Stew 12-1

Michael Pollan Talk 4/19 @ 7pm in Chatt, but we should get there an hour early
We will advertise to everyone, first come first serve sign-up, cstudent after we talk to popo
Tarver will chat with popo about getting 2 vans

4/20 Planet Earth Showing @ 4:30
Michael will get projector & speakers

Sat 4/21 Cothing Swap @ 10am-4pm
Start advertising now: Arden c-student, MM poster
We'll do it on porch and flat part of yard
Donate extra clothes to appalachian's women's guild

Sun 4/22 Woods Creek cleanup

Mon 4/23 John Benson hike w/ Bea effing Troxel... day hike
He's gonna talk about being environmentally friendly while doing outdoor activities

Complete Earth Week Poster we need to make it. MM and people to help her
we will also need to make a ctudent

Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Chick

Introducing the newest member of the Sewanee GreenHouse....

(S)he (we can't be sure of the sex until it starts cock-a-doodle-dooing or bawking) was given to us by Dr. Haskell's ornithology class, who hatched (it). We're also not sure of the breed yet, maybe a polish? Maybe not? (S)he certainly does have an awkward hair-hat though. I've been calling (it) Marge Simpson.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meeting Minutes February 19th

Coffee table next Friday from 11-coffee end--everyone who can help/sing silly songs!

Coffee has been orderd by Michael

Stewart Tarver and Michael will help set up/make coffee that morning.

MC- Ross Scarbrough!

Everyone playing a song send an email to Mary Michael.

Her sister might be singing a song.

Sarah is making an AWESOME POSTER. It will be done Tuesday.

Send another email--Arden.

Stew will attempt to be coffee bitch during event.

Technology ain’t needed.

Can we get K Smith to make a surprise appearance? Please?

He’s been invited. He will be re-invited. He will be a “surprise guest” on the poster.

Dr. Potter might play something!! But not Haskell; womp.

Also, it’s Merit weekend.

We should tell admissions about Leg’n’Salmon.

We should name the chick. It’s a female, according to Andrew Bradshaw.

But we won’t really know til it’s older. Do we want to get friends for it?

We need to do it this week if so. Trav says get three more chicks. That makes four. Math.

They should probably be layers and not special floofy kinds.

MM will talk to Haskell about it. Deanna will look into and stuff.

Egg brekki was great and happy! Good job. Next time invite professors!

GARDEN ARDEN sez garden is good. Sprouty contraptions are hard to water.

Compost Truck Tragedy: Where the fuck is the key? Toriano tooken it. Zomg he was just like in our house.

Three etc. needed to help do next compost round.

Chef Rick told Deanna to text her. She was like no thanks bro.


Arden and Ben--Chickens. Plus Travcat.

Parker and Deanna-- compost

MM and Stew-- love n joy

Sarah and Tarver -- kitchen

Michael and Jojo-- living room; set up cuddle hours.

Three weeks til Spring Break. Woop.

Stepping stones on the downhill slope by McCrady?

Dr. Potter willing to give us some money to prettify that space!

It’s pretty gross though. Flagstones for free that Parker knows about.

How can we wash the front of the house?

Arden will call PPS and get heat fixed.

Trav said it would be cool to have a week of no waste.

Can we get people to sign a pledge on Earth week?

Maybe it should end with earth day.

This should be publicized so that people think the GreenHouse is Green.

Even if it’s recycling it is still waste. Tampons are fine.

Oven makin’

Farming with the farmers’ market as an internship this summer!! Deanna can help you write the stuff that needs to be submitted by March 1st. Deanna will have a meeting soon about this, with people like Michael and Heather who farmed last summer.

We got dat National Geographic subscription.

Ben is late, he must take off his pants.

He is taking off his pants. They are unzipped. He hesitates. He rebuckles. General disappointment.

People often feel that the GreenHouse didn’t do as much as it used to.

Craft nights can happen.

Sarah suggests documentary nights. Chicken Run first?

Next thursday first one--emailSarah for any suggestions or ideas. Possibilities for discussions afterward, speakers, etc.

Public screenings require monies for lawyer shit.

By word of mouth?

Team up with Cinema Guild to help us? Sarah will try to talk to them about it.

Craft night

Heather and Peter have materials for arts.

Ben and Arden and Tarver and Travis will help head this up.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

meeting minutes 11/20/2011

eating cow turds that are delightful,

applications sent out, decision will be made by 3rd of December. Will send out email to

chickens - will slaughter 4 chickens on the 2nd 3rd or 4th of December. Will contact Jess Wilson.

what to do with all the coffee?
Study break during reading day - advertise it to students. December 8, 2011

Chore Switch-
Chickens- Parker and Deanna
Kitchen- Stewart and MM
Living room - Michael and Joanna
Love and Joy - Travis
Chicken scraps and compost take out - Stella and Ben
coffee on reading day - tarver and sarah and love and joy

Audio equipment to ATC at 12:30
Ben, Mary Michael and Michael

Michael Pollan will be speaking free in April in Chattanooga
Joanna will email link to you guys.

Garden photos

Monday, October 31, 2011

Apple Extravaganza was a great success (high five)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Greenhouse meeting minuttes

After the sun has set. . .
the apples were all eaten or drank and pumpkins carved into chickens or leaves

knees are brungung and the rest of joanna is cold.

where is ben?

same day as mtn top ball?
switched to Novemeber 18th.

what to do now -
make poster with print services- stella, sarah and parker. . start at 10-11 and finish at 3:00 pm.
send out c-student for artists - vocal and visual

direct musicians to Mary Michael, and artists to Joanna.

once poster is made - stewart will send out c-student.

save eggs for armentrout.

email mary michael your picture.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Greenhouse minutes

chore switch:
mary michael and stewart - living room (tuesdays especially)
michael and joanna - love and joy
sarah and tarver - kitchen
deanna and parker - compost, chicken scraps, and egg shells
stella and ben and travis - chickens

upcoming events:

Music night with Jack Nance and other musicians
-michael will send email out to everybody in mtn top musicians
-ben will send out email and make cake?
-music night at 6 pm -?
-michael and deanna will help with cookie making

Pumpkin Carving and Cider Making
-will find out about cider press soon
-michael will send out classifieds to see if there is a press available
-will order apples from farmers market, mary michael purchases
-sarah makes poster
-joanna sends c-student
-stewart facebook
-Sunday 3-6pm
-3 big ones and 10-15 medium ones
-buy cinnamon and nutmeg, tea candles
-pumpkin pies- made by stella
-mary michael calls kate hardin
-everybody helps with cider pressing!
-gather apples at noon (invite your friend)

Armentrout - November 12
mc- nominations
-ben brew
-elizabeth walker
-andrew bradshaw

Where we get coffee from-
Jumpoff mtn coffee
bread and cookies- deanna, ben, parker and tarver?
coffee (decaf also) and brewing and dispensing-michael
electronics/ projector - from mtn top musicians - michael
decorations/cleanup- stella and mary michael
propaganda -
coffee-table at noonish wed or thrusdaywill discuss further
poster- stella - sarah
c-studnet - stewart
facebook page - stewart

finding artists - sarah sending out c-student, and directing it to mary michael
schedule setter upper - Mary Michael
clean up major on sunday EVERYONE!!!!!

-work order on both heaters - stella
let's keep it off for now
-keep coop warm with light? get extension cord

garden work days
Thursday 2-4 pm parker
Sunday 10:30 am - 12:30 pm travis

Sarah makes poster

Parker talks to Travis about horse manure for plants. Tuesday they will get manure? Thursday during garden work hours they will plant.

Send pictures of yourself to Mary Michael

mwahaha done!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

greenhouse Minutes 9-18-2011


Michael's Birthday . . . the big 21
Travis plays trombone fantastically. Deanna and MM throw flowers at him.

We are all very happy that he was born.

Tarver is scared of doing minutes so MM is doing minutes!! yeah!
Ben supplies cake and LOVE AND JOYS. Much appreciated. Also, he says you should google:

google Emmanuel Kelly The X Factor

Stella makes contented 'yuuuummmmm' noises. Cake is delicious.
Stewart tried to play trombone and he stinks at it.

Milk: we're filling up a large jug with milk from the clerg and keeping it in the fridge for all to enjoy.
Stella coins a new phrase: "batch" of children.
Stella is in charge of milk.

Thing 1 might be sick. She will stay in solitary confinement till she gets better.
Chores: we'll stick with them one more week.
Everyone: send me (MM) a picture of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MM will send out questions by email for a Meet the GH members sign.

Moving Planet: who's interested? Parker will ask about supplying face paints.
Native plant garden... Parker will maybe transplant some things from forest, as well as buy other native plants from nurseries. Michael can drive her.

Parker has reimbursement sheets. Everyone hold on to their receipts and contact Parker for reimbursement. Dr. Zigler is our advisor. Go see him, then go to the cashier's office

Cake has been devoured.

Someone returns Travis's really awesome chemistry goggles.

Parker and Joanna think it's weird to put meeting minutes on the blog. Instead, we could have a separate page for meeting minutes??
We should have an egg breakfast soon...we have lots of eggs. We could make eggs for Moving Planet.
Deviled eggs and face painting. perfecto.
Brakefield Garden is getting fences, and other organizations are getting involved. Ben suggests a public blog type website to update members of the community that want to participate. We could focus on GH garden, not Brakefield. Garden hours:

Michael and Parker and Tarver will take Thursdays, 2 p.m.
Mary Michael and Stella, Sunday mornings, 10 a.m.
Michael will send out cstudent

Ben suggests a small pond with fountain (Travis insists on fish.) Monument/dedication to all GreenHouse members.
AND/OR spiral herb garden.

ALSO: making bird feeders squirrel proof. Must protect squirrels from Stuart.

Could have pumpkin fest!!!!!!!! YEAH. Will discuss when October comes.
Also: cider-making workshop supplies. MM will talk to N Bowman

Armentrout. Usually in November. We'll set date later.

Sandor Katz possibly. We'll try. He's pretty cool.

As GH, we are leaders of campus sustainability, including energy consumption. We need to be aware of turning off lights and appliances. Unplug microwave! Lights: basement lights especially!

Travis likes burning flowers.

We'll make a sign of daily food waste.
Mary Michael and Stella will make cardboard chart/scatter plot and frequently asked questions.
Idea of SHOWING everyone the amount of daily waste. Putting entire amount of wasted food for all to see. Could be outside on tarp, or inside in trash cans.

Small signs on walls throughout house: some might be a bit preachy?? We might rewrite some of them to make the house as inviting as possible.

let's save the chicken.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Garden Party

Thank you to everyone who came over on Sunday for food & friends (and a little drizzle).

...and some beautiful eggs. Thanks, ladies!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Meeting Minutes 9/4/2011

Sunday, 9/4/11

Present at meeting: everyone except for parker.
Compost MEeting tomorrow at 6 at the greenhouse.
master cookie expert sarah will make cookies, and remind all to bring schedule to meeting.

Fall garden party
Decided on Sunday at 5pm. will have a fire. ben and mary-michael and stella will provide music. stella will ask bea if she will play. ordered market food already. have a moment of silence for 9/11 at party.
Will have party at GH because we will be focusing on GH garden for the garden work hours. Will do the Spring party at Breakfield. (majority ruled.)
Burgers, (and toppings)
Sweet Potataoe fries,
Mint tea.
Stewart will make means patties.
Stella= the executioner??

Chickens eggs.
to eat or not to eat?
make quiche for vegetarians. Michael will do this.
Mint tea made by Stewart.
Fries: parker and tarver
mayo by Stella?? use 12 dozen eggs?

Grillers: Ben and Stew
Stella will research buns...
Michael will get Beta grill.
WalMart run: avacado, ketchup, 9 volt battery, cheese, charcoal, mustard,
^^Sarah will go thursday evening

Joanna will send a C-Student
Sarah will make a poster.

PArty at 5, serve at 6

Tarver will do a facebook event.

Michael has roll of paper for a sign in front of McClurg. Need markers? Chalk in front of McClurg. (Mary has the chalk.)
Friday morning: Mary and stella and travis will chalk up the clurg.

Parkers shoes are MIA.

Joanna: gardening at Benedict. GH can help. Joanna will see if its approved. Stella will run it by Nate.

Parents' Weekend?

festival in chatty will SOP and do a canoe trip. GH help with gas money, borrow from SOP canoes and food.
wIlliam's island SOP trip?

Haunted House idea. A lot of work. A lot of fun. We scare the people. outsiders to help.

Front door needs to be shut when the air is on.
Help out when cooking etc for the dishes.
Make more food.

Peace Coalition Meeting wed 6pm in Gailor.
Watching a movie tonight: The Garden.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meeting minutes

We have gathered around in the den. Anticipation is high as we await the beginning of the first meeting of the 2011-2012 GreenHouse. Cookies are being snacked upon, and Ben has finished off the last one as Joanna finishes the last Tootsie Roll. And it begins...Stella speaks of the history of the GH (there is a large book of history, legends, and ancient myths of our fair house).
The question was posed "What would you like to see in the Green House this year?"
Sarah- An accepting house, where many people can coming together and share time together in a positive way.
Parker - Have a larger presence on campus, have positive associations for the GH, show people where we are and what we do
Deanna - GH as a home, but not an island. Working together but not closed off from the rest of Sewanee
Joanna - more events to have a larger exposure to different student (groups) on campus
Michael - students share idea with each other, sharing, teaching our skills to others, have others teach us their skills
Ben - nurture each other as a family, be there for one another as family and friends, help "sustain sewanee" to be more unified
Stella - wants the more familial feel, know every member of the GH
Tarver - agrees, drawing in more types of people, not just the standard environmentalist
MM - a place to grow, family under one roof while still at college, learning tool for us and others - becoming leaders and also learning about small every day tasks
Travis - exposure to new ideas
GH things - showering - using duck timer and taking military showers explained. we've decided that timing is not obligatory. it is encouraged because it keeps you accountable and shows people who come through the house.
Chores are currently being decided...the hat is being passed. our chores are chickens, kitchen, living room, love and joy, egg breakfast
Birthdays Parker - Feb 14
Joanna - Jan 6
Sarah - Nov 11
Ben Jan 14
Tarver - Jul 22
MM - April 24
Travis - May 26
Stella Nov 27
Deanna Aug 25
Michael - Sept 18
Deciding some year long jobs -
Treasurer = Parker
Scribe/Scrap booker = Tarver
Garden Manager - Stella
Captain Compost - Travis
Parker has idea for making a beautiful lawn
Think about moving bike rack
Some other stuff....

Sunday, May 1, 2011

12.1.11 meeting minutes

Let's clean the kitchen!

Let's share the eggs! French toast time Friday night 7-9, then bring leftovers to the ATC.

Sam has a chair-crush on our plaid chair. April and Callie say he can't have it. Please?

Don't forget slaughter 8:30 Thursday morning.

Supper 4:30 or 5.

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"Like Holden Caulfield... or Babe."
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