Sunday, October 23, 2011

Greenhouse minutes

chore switch:
mary michael and stewart - living room (tuesdays especially)
michael and joanna - love and joy
sarah and tarver - kitchen
deanna and parker - compost, chicken scraps, and egg shells
stella and ben and travis - chickens

upcoming events:

Music night with Jack Nance and other musicians
-michael will send email out to everybody in mtn top musicians
-ben will send out email and make cake?
-music night at 6 pm -?
-michael and deanna will help with cookie making

Pumpkin Carving and Cider Making
-will find out about cider press soon
-michael will send out classifieds to see if there is a press available
-will order apples from farmers market, mary michael purchases
-sarah makes poster
-joanna sends c-student
-stewart facebook
-Sunday 3-6pm
-3 big ones and 10-15 medium ones
-buy cinnamon and nutmeg, tea candles
-pumpkin pies- made by stella
-mary michael calls kate hardin
-everybody helps with cider pressing!
-gather apples at noon (invite your friend)

Armentrout - November 12
mc- nominations
-ben brew
-elizabeth walker
-andrew bradshaw

Where we get coffee from-
Jumpoff mtn coffee
bread and cookies- deanna, ben, parker and tarver?
coffee (decaf also) and brewing and dispensing-michael
electronics/ projector - from mtn top musicians - michael
decorations/cleanup- stella and mary michael
propaganda -
coffee-table at noonish wed or thrusdaywill discuss further
poster- stella - sarah
c-studnet - stewart
facebook page - stewart

finding artists - sarah sending out c-student, and directing it to mary michael
schedule setter upper - Mary Michael
clean up major on sunday EVERYONE!!!!!

-work order on both heaters - stella
let's keep it off for now
-keep coop warm with light? get extension cord

garden work days
Thursday 2-4 pm parker
Sunday 10:30 am - 12:30 pm travis

Sarah makes poster

Parker talks to Travis about horse manure for plants. Tuesday they will get manure? Thursday during garden work hours they will plant.

Send pictures of yourself to Mary Michael

mwahaha done!

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