Wednesday, October 28, 2009


 Here's one of the best websites out there for biodiesel processor plans
and instructions:
 More details on the processing cycle:
 Emissions information for biodiesel vs. normal diesel:
 And the advantages and disadvantages of biodiesel:

 Note that the last two sites disagree on the number of vehicles that can
run on pure biodiesel. My understanding is that most engines can run on
pure biodiesel (B100). Many manufacturers don't test their engines with
biodiesel, though, and therefore don't recommend it. You can look at
biodiesel forums and find out whether or not your engine can run on
biodiesel, and the answer is almost always "yes". My VW Jetta can run on
B100 without any problems.

the greenhouse - on steroids:

Piano stairs!

(if the link doesn't work, copy and paste it)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy pictures

Random Costume moment
Hanging the undies out to dry!

Meeting Minutes 10/25/09

Meeting Minutes 10/25/09

Everyone is excited about the Haunted House this Saturday at 8:30!!

We need big sheets of cardboard for the HH. Maggie will check Nabit.

Pumpkin carving on Wednesday. Rocco is supposed to be ordering pumpkins.

Potluck on Tuesday at 5. 40-45 people will be here at the GH. Olivia and Jane are making soup. Stella and Kate are making bread. Make sure the house is CLEAN!

Sandoor is coming on the 4th of November.

Felting workshop on the 12th of November.

Armentrout: November 14th.

Angie is working with print services to make a poster of greenhouse events. Add any event you would like to be on the poster.

-game night

-music jam

-contra dance

Thanksgiving. We tried to reserve a table. Call again. Dress in overalls and flannel. There is room for 2-3 extra people.

2 black chickens escaped today.

Meat/fur rabbits next semester or next year? We need to prove ourselves with the chickens first. Great idea and perfectly doable, but not until later.

Bucket for McClurg compost. Let´s paint it and resume taking it to McClurg.

Garden party: too cold to do it this semester. Wait until next semester.

Another faculty dinner soon. Probably next week because it´s too busy this week. Keri and Compton will work this out.

Chickens are great – in process of training them to go from the coop to the garden. Light is set up but timer is not yet – Callie is working on this. Carson has all of the supplies to put wheels on the chicken tractor.

Carson still thinks we´re awesome!

Let´s go on a retreat!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

i love you


Green House Meeting

Keep it quick

Carson- Applicants

Historically, applicants decided by professors, but since it´s halfway through the year, its more of a community decision.

Two applicants would make things more crowded.

Decsion to accept two Applicants!!!


Shower timers are here in ziploc bags. Use them! They are easy to use, remember to record your shower time. Stopping and soaping up doesn´t count. Measure water usage. This is important for us to find out how much water we need as a house, and challenge ourselves not to waste water. Keep the timer going even when filling up the buckets.

Toilets- Fill up buckets full of cold water from shower and pour into the bowl to flush.

Chicken coop tracktors

Paul and Stella got netting, stakes and fencing. Lets make a new run!

The chickens can flutter out of the tractor.

When they get out they usually go back to the coop right away


Shitake logs are goin! Oyster mushrooms in the fridge are up for grabs (collected from the Perimeter Trail).

Kate- white board

White boards for the house, chicken coop and garden.

Kate needs help putting up the water catchment

Music jam-

Went great !


Nov 12- Seed Paper Making...... Maggie

Nov 14- 9pm- ARM & Trout.....Angie

Nov 4 - Sandor Katz..... Kate


Oct 31- Haunted House... Carson

Let´s make a poster !

Screen Print a master

ARM & Trout shirts

Arm and Trout Stamp....Crson can scan lukes stamp

Compost- just take it out. It is still a big, gross problem.

Compost Manager- Kate is the OFFICIAL COMPOST MANAGER!

Haunted house- we are going to buy stuff in Chattanooga. We need money. ADT can pitch in 100$. Bring anything you can from home, costumes masks, WIERD STUFF

Paul will be here on Fall Break to take care of the chickens.

Angie, Carson, Reed, Keri .... talk to Michael, Cody & Charles about filming more grassroots musicians ( Old Time Jam, Music Jams at greenhouse ..... Arm & TROUT)

Muddy PPS landscaping MCCRADY

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Garden Mtg 10/6

1. Garden hours
- email went out to people who have been to the garden for Tues (2-4), Thurs (2-5), Sun (1-5) garden hours and invitation to go when moved to do so
- cancelled in nasty weather? What constitutes weather that is too nasty for gardening?
- need a cstudent for garden hours

2. Bio Truck projects
- leaf pile on the road parallel to University - Stella knows where - get leaves!
- get wood mulch if we can't get some delivered
- also move cold frames to the garden
- see if the Bio truck is free on Thursday

3. Cold frames / Agrobon
- need to go up this week because first frost is Oct. 15 (!)

4. Plants
- cover crop empty space
- still need to look at wheat

5. Betas
- Anthony suggested starting this Sunday
- Angie still needs to hear back from him
- they will do at least 2 big Sunday work days

6. Other
- still seeking a white board or chalkboard!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


some words from a greenhouse alum:

Stop using the following words: environmentalism, sustainable, sustainability, organic, local, communal, community, engagement, service, administration, professor, student, community member.

Start using the following words: friend, revolutionary, radical, underground, guerilla

Monday, October 5, 2009

Garden Mtg 9/29

1. Making it easier for people to go when they can
- get a white board / chalk board to put under the shelter; write up what can get done each week
- leave the garden log in the oven so people can write what they did and everyone else can see it

2. Betas and the garden: talked with Angie Wednesday night
- have Sundays be big work days, pick two coming up (like Oct. 11 and 25 or Oct. 25 and Nov. 1) or come on a Tuesday/Thursday if they can't on a Sunday
- they have meetings on Mondays, so have to communicate for the week by the Monday of that week
- can help make a new shed, do epic path mulching, massive weeding of the back (if we have something to put in the very back)

3. Cold frames / Agrobon
- first frost is Oct. 15, so they should go up in the next week

4. Tuesday garden day
- 2-4 on Tuesdays
- need to send an email (like today) to garden folks to tell about Tuesday

5. Blue Chair update
- plan to grow more specifically for them in the spring
- can use cilantro, carrots, basil, salad greens
- can use food on Wednesday night buffet
- what is a fair exchange with the Blue Chair?

6. Working with compost
- a freshman (Michael) wants to work with the compost
- want to find a way to mulch all the grass/weeds that are collecting in giant piles (possibility: get a garbage can, fill it with grass and weeds, get a weed whacker and mix it like a big milkshake)
- mix in more wood chips: Lydia might have some

7. CAC
- Wednesday is the first Wednesday of the month, so it is a grocery day
- can bring anything we have to Otey and put in the fridge
- probably need to wait and do this for real in the spring because it needs a solid effort

8. Signs for the back
- need to label them somehow so we don't have to refer to them as "bed next to tomatoes," etc.
- two freshmen (Emma and April) started making signs on Thursday, but the saw is no good for cutting wood
- need a useable saw
- need paint, but the paint can't stay out in the garden because it gets waterlogged

9. Plant management
- time to take out squash, let the tomatoes in the back decompose into the ground
- look at the farmer's market to see if there are any live plants we can buy
- look into wheat because it's grown over the winter

Sunday, October 4, 2009

10/04/09 meeting notes

The raven flies into the room
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