Monday, November 16, 2009

Greenhouse Meeting minutes 11-15

·       House discussion with Marvin Pate this Thursday 4:45
·       Thanksgiving dinner at McClurg at 6 on Thursday
o       Send invitation to dr. zigler
·       Retreat- Wed Dec 16th-Friday 18th
o       Leave wed morning, get back Friday afternoon
·       Chickens
o       Thanksgiving break care by Lydia Boroughs. 
§       She’ll come by this weekend
§       She gets to keep the eggs for payment
o       Predator dogs
§       2 or 3 dogs attacked the chickens this morning
§       Carson tells long story about police officer
§       We’ll get an electric fence from the police man
§       For now, leave the chickens in the coop run
o       Whenever you’re outside, check for eggs so chickens don’t eat them
o       Thank you note to Amy Rae
§       Stella will make it, leave it on the kitchen table for us to sign
·       Keep an eye out for Elizabeth walker’s cell phone
o       Small blue Verizon
·       Kate- we need a set up/ clean-up crew for each event
·       Carson is meeting with Rocco sometime this week
·       Next Sunday GH meeting=food (FRITATTA) around 7 pm
o       Carson will order food
o       Everyone else will clean up
·       Dinning council meeting tomorrow at 12:00 upstairs McClurg in the ABC room

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fermentation Revival!

Sandor's Workshop, Nov. 4, 7pm

Wonderful News!!!!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

11/8 Minutes

Reed bio-diesel-list of parts. Time to get to work (possibly after Thanksgiving)

Arm and Trout-give Keri your shirt! Start promoting to friends and get them to tell Angie what they want to play/sing. Need more musicians!!
Posters and cards need to go on campus.
Compton will get cake and coffee from Blue Chair.
Passing out coffee-Keri, Compton, Angie on Tuesday. Maggie, Chessie, Stella, Kate on Wednesday.
Optional supplementary meeting for Arm and Trout Wednesday….more to come.

Tuesday 7-9 dinner HERE with Rocco and ERs.
Please go to Emily Ezell’s talk.

Wednesday-Catholic students making spaghetti.

Scarf felting Thursday at 5 in the living room.

The chicks need company-article in the messenger to find sitter.

Party at Carson’s!!!!! Let’s hit the road December 16 and go into the woods.

Rockin compost buckets!!

Close fridge and freezer please-and LABEL your stuff or Paul will throw it out!

Waste display in front of McClurg TBD.

a committee on committees?!?!?!

No wonder this place spins its wheels...

Committee on Committees: J. Peterman (10), Chair; A. Glacet (11) for P. Macfie (11), W. Brosend (12), S. Metz (11) for D. Miles (13), D. Murdock (14).
 Committee on Committees (Joint Faculties) (5 voting members)
    1. 5 faculty members, five-year term (staggered)
            charge: beyond its title: to make nominations for all elective committee posts except this committee.
authority: created by Joint Faculties 1973 November 16


Friday, November 6, 2009

building a greenhouse & a home with an entire tree!

click here for the whole article:

After finishing the A-frame, Mr. Gundersen built a 100-by-20-foot solar greenhouse next door with thick straw-bale walls on three sides, banked into the north slope. He used small-diameter, rot-resistant black locust trees for the timber framing.

A wall of double-paned glass, positioned to optimize the low-angle winter light, faces south. Growing beds angled slightly toward the sun are planted with rows of mustard greens, kale, chard, arugula, lettuces and herbs. Hanging trays of micro-greens and a fig and bay tree promise fresh food for the fall and winter.

But it is the Book End — the little house attached to the greenhouse, which is home to the firm’s project manager and his wife — that quietly vibrates with the spirit of the forest.

“We used a lot of standing dead elm here,” Mr. Gundersen said, pointing out the delicate trails, or galleries, left by the beetles that killed the tree. Peeled of their bark and satiny smooth, these trees have a presence that seems to draw one’s arm around their trunks and invite a viewer to lean into them, to soak up strength from these powerful old souls.

In this quiet farming community, where people may not have a lot of money to spend, but do have plenty of wood and straw, word of the beauty and practicality of Mr. Gundersen’s structures has spread. Solar greenhouses made of local materials can extend the growing season through winter, even in a place where temperatures can drop to 30 or 40 below. In the last 18 years, Whole Trees has built 25 of them here.

Monday, November 2, 2009

somebody had the same idea!

a post from a greenhouse alumna:

hey guys,

I found this house that's at Sarah Lawrence College that is similar to the Green House... it even looks kind of similar (from the one picture shown) and they have retrofitted it with a solar hot water heater and rain water catchment system... take a look at it.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meeting Minutes for 11/01/09

No sign of Stella.

Paul talked with PPS about our “sidewalk”.  They didn’t know what we wanted, so they decided not to put one there yet.  We should have a mote with serpents and ducks.  If someone wants to come up with an idea for the sidewalk.  Smaller gravel like from the parking lot on Alabama, same sidewalk as everywhere else on campus, cement and design.  Gravel is not a good idea for a lot of reasons – ask Carson about these. 

It is illegal to ride a skateboard on the road.  You can also ask Carson about this. 

ARM AND TROUT!  By the end of this week, we need to send letters to people we want to perform.  Angie and Compton can put an invitation together and send letters to musicians and performers and artists.  Keri is making t-shirts sometime after Tuesday – she will send an email about when she is doing this.  Angie and Maggie will make a poster.  Compton will look into Blue Chair coffee and cake.  Next Sunday we will sort out dispensing coffee on campus. Post something on the Sewanee homepage – we will talk about this next week. Dr. Miller, Nathan Bowman,

Sandor Katz is coming on Wednesday!  He would like to do something cool at Sewanee on Wednesday afternoon before his “wild fermentation” workshop.  House dinner with him at 5:30 and workshop at 7.  Carson and Stella and Reed are interested in hanging out with him.

Farm internship.  Easy to organize next semester.  It’s a bit early now. 

Local food meeting at 8:15pm in the LAL.  We are all welcome.

Greenhouse retreat.  Possibly right after exams.  Possibly the first weekend back from Christmas break.    Paul will plan.

Last year, there was a GH thanksgiving dinner with some faculty and staff.  We could do this again this year or maybe a Christmas dinner. 

Compton and Kate will organize a gingerbread house

Eric Keen wants to organize some GH events. 

A Sewanee alumna would like us to come visit her chicken coop!  She is also a vet and can take care of the chickens if they need it. 

Emily Ezell is working on a project to create a farmhouse on Breakfield.  She is giving a presentation here on the 11th to get our feedback.  Everyone needs to try to be here. 

We need to try to organize a meeting with Rocco every couple of weeks to coordinate the GH and the ERs.  Carson will work on this. 

Compton wants more recipes!

Dishes are a huge problem. Reed will come up with a fantastical way to assign plates to each person so that we know who is leaving dishes in the sink.  Extra dishes will be put away somewhere for when guests come over. 

Chores have changed. 
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