Friday, December 18, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Big Hug Dec. 7 (meeting minutes)

*Figure 1

Meeting Minutes 12/7/09

Bells will ring on Friday 350 times-advertise!

Bonus for Regina: $10-15 would be great. Please deposit money in the envelope on kate’s door.


We’re loaded so let’s get some Prada-or maybe fencing for the chickens…

Garden tools, drill bits, extension cord, we need some supplies!

Stella is our TOOL MASTER.

Angie has some sick speakers.

Prep compost from McClurg starting next semester.

Compost bucket painting party to spice things up.

Fake money is popping up in random places so look out!

Update Marvin Pate’s list -priorities.

Email Chessie with food requests/ideas for the retreat by this weekend please!

Chickens have 3 babysitters over Christmas break.

Big hug, with Paul in the middle.

The Snackster rocks. Thanks Nick and Erika!

*Figure 1: a happy moment, brought to you from the first day of egg laying

Also, if you have seen a blue Olympus digital camera in a small black container, Kate has lost hers.

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