Monday, April 23, 2012

Waste Less Week Results

Ellen Slugg
Richard Milby
Erin Brahm
for each winning $20 gift certificate to Stirling's from a lottery after participating in the first annual Waste Less Week!
These students were three of the 25 Sewanee undergrads who pledged to carry around their non-decomposable trash last Mon-Fri for Earth Week.

Many students who participated found this an enlightening, challenging, and thought-provoking experience. Their thoughts are shared below:

"Because we recycle and compost food (that is pre-made for us) we do not see the behind the scenes packaging that would be used compared to the trash produced by the majority of people who use the grocery system. " 

"It was interesting to experience the habitual motion of tossing into an empty bin that takes "everything", and then catch yourself and put it in your little baggy and have it swing by you all day"

" I thought it was interesting how carrying my trash influenced my purchases and decisions such as using scratch paper."

"It turns out the little decisions really do build up."

"I realized that food and compostable is the biggest part of my trash"

"I got several questions about my bag of trash, and the response to my answer was mostly positive.  Some of the greener people said they wished they were as committed and were proud of me.  One person just scoffed and turned away."

"It definitely helped me think about recycling and how much trash I throw away during the week!"

- WLW participants

Hope you will join us next year!

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