Sunday, April 8, 2012

Meeting Minutes 4/8

Cabinet cleanout sometime before finals week

Meeting with new GHers Wednesday @ 7

Earth Week Events

There was an email about Sewanee Environmental Art Show on earth day. We should have a craft night this friday where people make stuff out of recycled materials. It gets auctioned off for Blue Monarch.

This week we need to do library tables Wed, Thursday, Friday of this week 10-12, but Friday 11-1. MM will make signs.
We have a form for people to sign up & we will give them plastic bags (on which we will write our logo WLW (Waste Less Week)). We will offer stirlings gift cards via raffle.
We need to send out a cstudent (Deanna) about us being at the library and doing this event

Table Times outside of Library
Wednesday: Tarv & Stew 10-11, MM & Trav 11-12
Thursday: Ben & Parker 10-11, Arden & Sarah 11-12
Friday: MM & Tarver 11-12, Jojo & Stew 12-1

Michael Pollan Talk 4/19 @ 7pm in Chatt, but we should get there an hour early
We will advertise to everyone, first come first serve sign-up, cstudent after we talk to popo
Tarver will chat with popo about getting 2 vans

4/20 Planet Earth Showing @ 4:30
Michael will get projector & speakers

Sat 4/21 Cothing Swap @ 10am-4pm
Start advertising now: Arden c-student, MM poster
We'll do it on porch and flat part of yard
Donate extra clothes to appalachian's women's guild

Sun 4/22 Woods Creek cleanup

Mon 4/23 John Benson hike w/ Bea effing Troxel... day hike
He's gonna talk about being environmentally friendly while doing outdoor activities

Complete Earth Week Poster we need to make it. MM and people to help her
we will also need to make a ctudent

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