Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meeting minutes

We have gathered around in the den. Anticipation is high as we await the beginning of the first meeting of the 2011-2012 GreenHouse. Cookies are being snacked upon, and Ben has finished off the last one as Joanna finishes the last Tootsie Roll. And it begins...Stella speaks of the history of the GH (there is a large book of history, legends, and ancient myths of our fair house).
The question was posed "What would you like to see in the Green House this year?"
Sarah- An accepting house, where many people can coming together and share time together in a positive way.
Parker - Have a larger presence on campus, have positive associations for the GH, show people where we are and what we do
Deanna - GH as a home, but not an island. Working together but not closed off from the rest of Sewanee
Joanna - more events to have a larger exposure to different student (groups) on campus
Michael - students share idea with each other, sharing, teaching our skills to others, have others teach us their skills
Ben - nurture each other as a family, be there for one another as family and friends, help "sustain sewanee" to be more unified
Stella - wants the more familial feel, know every member of the GH
Tarver - agrees, drawing in more types of people, not just the standard environmentalist
MM - a place to grow, family under one roof while still at college, learning tool for us and others - becoming leaders and also learning about small every day tasks
Travis - exposure to new ideas
GH things - showering - using duck timer and taking military showers explained. we've decided that timing is not obligatory. it is encouraged because it keeps you accountable and shows people who come through the house.
Chores are currently being decided...the hat is being passed. our chores are chickens, kitchen, living room, love and joy, egg breakfast
Birthdays Parker - Feb 14
Joanna - Jan 6
Sarah - Nov 11
Ben Jan 14
Tarver - Jul 22
MM - April 24
Travis - May 26
Stella Nov 27
Deanna Aug 25
Michael - Sept 18
Deciding some year long jobs -
Treasurer = Parker
Scribe/Scrap booker = Tarver
Garden Manager - Stella
Captain Compost - Travis
Parker has idea for making a beautiful lawn
Think about moving bike rack
Some other stuff....

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