Sunday, September 4, 2011

Meeting Minutes 9/4/2011

Sunday, 9/4/11

Present at meeting: everyone except for parker.
Compost MEeting tomorrow at 6 at the greenhouse.
master cookie expert sarah will make cookies, and remind all to bring schedule to meeting.

Fall garden party
Decided on Sunday at 5pm. will have a fire. ben and mary-michael and stella will provide music. stella will ask bea if she will play. ordered market food already. have a moment of silence for 9/11 at party.
Will have party at GH because we will be focusing on GH garden for the garden work hours. Will do the Spring party at Breakfield. (majority ruled.)
Burgers, (and toppings)
Sweet Potataoe fries,
Mint tea.
Stewart will make means patties.
Stella= the executioner??

Chickens eggs.
to eat or not to eat?
make quiche for vegetarians. Michael will do this.
Mint tea made by Stewart.
Fries: parker and tarver
mayo by Stella?? use 12 dozen eggs?

Grillers: Ben and Stew
Stella will research buns...
Michael will get Beta grill.
WalMart run: avacado, ketchup, 9 volt battery, cheese, charcoal, mustard,
^^Sarah will go thursday evening

Joanna will send a C-Student
Sarah will make a poster.

PArty at 5, serve at 6

Tarver will do a facebook event.

Michael has roll of paper for a sign in front of McClurg. Need markers? Chalk in front of McClurg. (Mary has the chalk.)
Friday morning: Mary and stella and travis will chalk up the clurg.

Parkers shoes are MIA.

Joanna: gardening at Benedict. GH can help. Joanna will see if its approved. Stella will run it by Nate.

Parents' Weekend?

festival in chatty will SOP and do a canoe trip. GH help with gas money, borrow from SOP canoes and food.
wIlliam's island SOP trip?

Haunted House idea. A lot of work. A lot of fun. We scare the people. outsiders to help.

Front door needs to be shut when the air is on.
Help out when cooking etc for the dishes.
Make more food.

Peace Coalition Meeting wed 6pm in Gailor.
Watching a movie tonight: The Garden.

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